How to Treat Your OA Naturally

The Best Treatments for OA

treatments for osteoarthritis

Physical therapy is the single most important of all the treatments for osteoarthritis.

The first thing to understand is this condition cannot be cured but it can be successfully managed by using a variety of treatments for osteoarthritis.

Most people will not be ready for a joint replacement when they are first diagnosed so they must learn to control their condition until they are ‘ready’ for surgery.

There is almost never one single treatment someone can use. You nearly always have to ‘mix and match’ a variety, depending on the symptoms you have at that time. For example you should use heat packs when you feel stiff but cold packs when you are in pain. How long you leave them on for depends on which joint you are treating.

Which are the best treatments for osteoarthritis?

The Arthritis Foundation suggests a combination of the following treatments for osteoarthritis:

♦  Drugs : useful but don’t over use them as there are risks with long term use.

♦  Rest : there are times when rest helps and sometimes you should work through the pain.

♦  Activity : exercise and exercises for osteoarthritis are different.

♦  Joint protection : but don’t over use a brace or support.

♦  Heat and cold therapy to reduce pain : use both but at different times

♦  Weight loss : will only help if your osteoarthritis is in a weight bearing joint.


Supplements and natural remedies should also be on this list as they give many people excellent relief. A few studies have shown that some can even help repair the cartilage but others have shown this is not the case so, at this time, the jury is still out on that.

Also of course surgery and joint replacement should be on any list of treatments for osteoarthritis but they are treatments of last resort. You should only be considering this option once you have tried everything else!

Teach Yourself to Treat Yourself for FREE!

To start managing YOUR osteoarthritis you must know how to use ALL these different treatments effectively.

How to Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally is a book I have written to teach you how to do that and I offer that to you FREE to help you get on the right road.

It explains what lifestyle changes you should make, which home treatments are proven to help and how to use them effectively and how to put these together in a successful plan of management without breaking the bank!

These include:

  • Should you rest or work through the pain?
  • How to use hot and cold packs for quick pain relief.
  • Should you use splints, braces or supports?
  • How to change your diet to reduce your pain.
  • What are the best supplements?
  • Should you ever use drugs?
  • How to make a plan of management.

Please note none of these therapies will do anything to improve the actual degeneration within the joint. They will, however, ease the soft tissue inflammation and relieve the pain and stiffness you suffer. There is no such thing as a cure and any magic break through treatments that claims it can cure you should be viewed with mistrust!

Massage and exercises for osteoarthritis are the foundation of any treatment plan. They are only way to really reduce the pain and stiffness your suffer.  It is vital that a program of physical therapy is followed for the medium and long term control of symptoms. This will be explained in detail to you in your free book.

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