These are some of the people who have worked with me using Dr. Sophie’s self massage exercise programs. This is what they say:

Joe’s Wife Nagged Him Into It!

I had been suffering from pain and discomfort in my right hip for several years. The pain varied from slight to intense and at times my leg would give way under me. It affected my walking and general mobility and my quality of life. I managed to control it by taking doses of Ibuprofen which I had to stop as I suffered a severe nose bleed whilst rehearsing for a play for the local dramatic society and covering a poor unfortunate lady in copious amounts of blood!

I had put off doing anything about it because my father had a hip replacement which was unsuccessful, largely due to the fact that he didn’t do the follow up exercises and ended up still hobbling about. Things came to a head when just before Christmas 2010 my hip got considerably worse and I was having a hard job to walk. The weather was extremely cold and this contributed to the pain. One of my tasks in life is to walk our two whippets which became out of the question. My wife, who is an Alexander teacher and teaches from home, was having to do everything and was not a happy bunny!

My wife, who is a somewhat determined lady decided enough was enough and fixed me up with an appointment with a surgeon whom she knew who diagnosed an extreme narrowing of the hip joint and scheduled an operation for the middle of February. She had been doing some research and came across the Natural Treatments and Exercises for Osteoarthritis which recommended certain exercises prior to a having a hip replacement.

Being somewhat sceptical, but wishing to preserve myself from domestic violence, I started on the programme. I can honestly say that I was surprised. Although the pain didn’t go completely, it was much less severe and after a week I managed to go on short walks with my dogs. Guess who was pleased! One of the exercises that I found very helpful was leaning against a wall and stretching the leg back. The programme is very comprehensive and combines massage and step by step advice. As the time approached for the operation I was starting to think did I need the op as I was certainly more mobile and in less pain but having seen the X Rays I knew I had to go.

Well, the operation has been highly successful and I recovered very quickly. The physiotherapists remarked about how pleased the surgeon was with my progress. I can now walk my dogs with ease. I put this down to the work I did prior to and after the operation, an excellent surgeon and last but not least my determined wife!!- Joe from Surrey

At 76 I thought I’d played my last game of tennis….

“Having been lucky with my health all my life I have been able to play tennis for very many years – both men’s doubles and mixed doubles – a couple of time a week all the year round, unless it was raining or snowing. Then last autumn my years caught up with me with a vengeance and I was suddenly hardly able to walk to the village shop, let alone play tennis….

I thought “That’s it – I’d better take up bowls!”  Then I contacted Dr Sophie Hardy, as I knew she had been able to help another person to keep playing tennis.  I liked the simple logic of her exercise programme which basically says if you have a joint in any part of your body which is not working right due to wear and tear, you can help matters considerably by strengthening the muscles around that joint by correct exercises. That makes sense, as even I can understand that the muscles around a joint support it and help it to function.

I started Sophie’s exercises in December and by the end of January (by which time I was 77) I was back on the tennis court – a bit carefully at first but since then there has been further improvement. The exercises are not difficult and other than for one week are not too time consuming.  Now I am on the maintenance programme which Sophie stresses is vital to keep on doing and that takes around 40 minutes 3 times a week (including using the TENS machine Sophie recommended)– a very small price to pay for being nearly pain free and able to run around a tennis court again.”- Breon from East Sussex

Lesley was at her wits end

“After enduring three years of travelling to and from the hospital for appointments I was at my wits end. I was unable to do more than 20-30mins walk at any given time due to  the degeneration of my knee with arthritis. I was awaiting knee replacement but I was told either I am too young or that I need to loose weight before they will take the matter further- a catch 22 situation as if you are not mobile you cannot exercise!

I filled in the questionnaire and received my programme from Sophie. I then started with the massage, and added stretching, isometric and isotonic exercises as instructed.

I made sure that each stage was done in the correct order and time scale as set out in the programme. All is well explained and easy to do in your own homes, which is an added advantage. The massage, which is where one starts, I found I had more ‘sore’ spots than I first knew I had but in hindsight to be expected as one does not always walk correctly when one is compensating for another problem area.

With the massage under my belt and already feeling much better as the muscles were not so tight and the fluid retention I had on my bad knee had subsided a little, I moved on to the stretching repetitions which are simple to follow, followed by both the isometric and isotonic exercises which I must admit I tried to ‘over-think’ these as I couldn’t believe that such limited movement could help but with a little guidance from Sophie and reading the instructions again I was well on the way.

I will continue to do the massage and exercise, it is more than worth the time each day to keep myself active. I have got my life back, I can walk for much longer periods and finding this am now moving on to do more, joining in some gentle aqua aerobics and some gym equipment usage with the guidance of my coach.”- Lesley from Derby

Jean wanted to play tennis.

“I have followed Dr Sophie’s Clinic programme for 7 weeks as instructed for the right hip where I have degeneration.

Having completed the first 3 weeks of the exercises I noticed that I no longer had the painful symptoms in my hip from which I have suffered for a good many years. The pain usually came from the hip down the inside of my right leg and pain on weight bearing on that same side.

So far (after 8 weeks) I have had no recurrence of these pains and I am now on the Maintenance programme on a permanent basis.

So I can say that for me the programme has worked and that it is well worth the effort to complete the course. I hope that other people will also gain the same improvement that I have!” – Jean from Sussex

I recently received an update from Jean who has continued to do the maintenance programme 3 times a week:

“This has been successful enough to stave off a hip replacement operation recommended by my GP some years ago. I have been doing the exercises since May 2009 and at the age of 72 am still able to play tennis twice a week. Thank you Sophie”.

Actually it is Jean who has done all the hard work! However it is good to know that long term relief is achievable if you are prepared to keep working at it.

It took Janet half the day to get going.

“After an arthroscopy on one knee, I then developed pain, inflammation and stiffness in both knees and was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis.  I was given several different pain killers by my GP, only one of which helped with the pain but eventually caused such horrendous stomach problems that I had to stop taking it.  My GP then had nothing else to advice other than to have a knee replacement operation.  During this time I had been attending physiotherapy but the exercises hurt too much to continue.  I did not want to undergo operations then and was therefore left with paracetamol to control the pain and trying out so-called remedies found on the internet.  I was very depressed at this point and did not see any ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.  While searching the internet, I came across Dr Sophie’s website describing exercises and massage techniques for different levels of osteoarthritis.  I sent off for the booklet How To Treat Knee Osteoarthritis Naturally which gave clear and concise information on OA  (something I had not received from the doctor or physiotherapist).

The massage technique was amazing – after only two days the stiffness when I got up in the morning was vastly improved and I am now working through the programme of exercises (which do not hurt). 

Sophie was extremely supportive, giving me advice and tips on controlling the inflammation, sleeping and exercise. I am so relieved to have found someone who understands this condition and has practical, easy-to-follow advice and procedures that actually work.  If I have any queries I know I can email Sophie and she will answer within a day. It is so reassuring to know that I can ask, sometimes trivial questions, and receive constructive and positive answers based on her knowledge and experience.”

Barbara couldn’t even do the shopping.

I broke my ankle some years ago and it was never quite right since then. Over the last year it has got quite a bit worse and 6 months ago I went to my Doctor. He got my ankle X-rayed and told me that I now have osteoarthritis probably from the old fracture. He offered me physiotherapy and I did the 6 treatment course that my health insurance paid for. My ankle improved with the treatment but then got worse again when the treatment stopped so I started searching on the Internet to see if I could find anything to help.

That is when I found Dr. Sophie. The programme Sophie gave me was easy to understand. It was quite a bit of effort for a couple of week but the improvement was so clear that I kept going. Now I am on the maintenance programme it is no problem to get it done. (I do it watching TV in the evening!)

 Before I did the programme I was unable to walk around the market unless I leaned on the shopping cart and a 15 minute walk was too much. Now I can go to the Mall and shop and walk for over an hour with very little problem.

 Thanks to this programme I can enjoy my retirement and as it says on the website “lead the life I want to lead”- Barbara- Tampa

Amy had seen an assortment of Doctors and Specialists.

“I suffered from weakness and pain in my hand.  It was affecting my ability to write and do every-day activities such as opening food packages.

 I was referred to an assortment of doctors and specialists. I was given hand exercises and physiotherapy but nothing they did made any improvement in either the pain and movement of my hand.

I contacted Sophie who sent me a questionniare. After several ‘consultations’ she decided the problem was not in my hand at all but in my shoulder. She warned it may not work but was worth a go and I agreed. She suggested I try her shoulder programme. Since about week 4 I have had virtually no pain at all and after adding some elbow exercises (also from Sophie!) in week 6, I am now able to open food packets and write comfortably.

I am continuing on the maintenance programme to make sure I stay that way!” -Amy from New Zealand


 Molly wanted to be not so clumsy.

“I have arthritis in my left thumb which may not sound much but it was very irritating as I am left handed. I always seemed to be dropping things as my hand just couldn’t grip and it was just too painful. When I broke the glass I took my wedding toast in I finally had had enough. I went to the Doctor who gave me a steroid injection and it was bliss for a whole 3 weeks. Then all the problems crept back and 6 weeks later it was as bad as ever. I went back to my Doctor who gave me another and this one lasted only a week. When I went back a third time he said he couldn’t give me any more and the only thing was painkillers. He gave me paracetamol which did nothing and so I started searching the Internet with the help of my granddaughter. That is when I found this programme but was a little worried as I had never bought anything on the Internet before. However my granddaughter assured me that through PayPal it was quite safe so I decided to try it as it was so different to anything else.

After only a week of doing the massage most of the pain in my thumb had gone but I still couldn’t grip properly but by the end of week 4 I was delighted. My thumb felt almost normal and was fine unless I lifted something awkwardly. Suddenly the hard work was worth it.

I have been doing the maintenance programme for about 3 months now and I still tend to do my massage daily and some of the exercises as I can do them while relaxing or watching television. They are easy now and take about 15 minutes if I do the whole thing. I have virtually no pain at all, just some mild discomfort if my hand is cold and I have to grip onto something hard.

Thank you Sophie you were a delight and so helpful when I contacted you and I would highly recommend your programme to anyone.” – Molly from Humberside


Barry wanted to go rambling again.

“I have had knee arthritis for many years and the surgeon told me the only thing to do was to have a knee replacement. I didn’t want this and so I looked for something different. I liked the look of Joint because it was the whole package and was something I could do myself when it suited me.

I had been a member of a rambling club for many years but could only do very short walks due to the pain. When I had done finished the course and was on maintenance I tried a walk and was pleased that I managed an 8 mile circuit which I had not been able to do for 10 years. I still get some pain but it is 70 to 80% better to what it was. Well worth the effort and easy to keep going once you have completed the course.”- Barry from Cornwall


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