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Osteoarthritis Pain is Not Relieved by Tylenol

I hear from many people that their Doctor has prescribed Tylenol (also called acetaminophen or paracetamol) for their osteoarthritis pain. Most people report it may take the edge off a bit but is of little help really. 

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Relieve Osteoarthritis Pain Using Mind Over Matter?

New research has shown people with chronic pain seem to process this pain differently in their brain. This means that it may be possible to trick the mind into coping with pain better so we can relieve osteoarthritis pain .

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Relieving Osteoarthritis Pain Improves Your Brain Power!

To me it is vital that Doctors start realizing there is a two way street between the body and the brain. The affect the two have on each other is so overlooked by modern medicine. There is the¬†psychosomatic reflex (brain … Continue reading

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