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Osteoarthritis Self Management – does it work?

Many people seem to be afraid to take control of their own conditions. They rely on Doctors to provide them with a magic pill that will cure their problem and take the pain away. However with conditions like osteoarthritis it … Continue reading

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How To Walk with a Cane (part 2)

How To Walk With a Cane (part 2) I had a comment on my original post on how to walk with a cane there was not enough information. I am always willing to take on board constructive criticism so here is … Continue reading

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Management of Osteoarthritis – should nurses be more involved?

Management of Osteoarthritis – should nurses be more involved? I have long advocated self management of osteoarthritis. As a society we are becoming reliant on others providing solutions to all our problems and preferably ‘magic pills’ with regard to our … Continue reading

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