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Treatment of Osteoarthritis May Need to Take a New Direction

  A new study may change treatment of osteoarthritis. They analysed the subchondral bone (the bone just underneath the cartilage) and found there are subtle. Now you might not think this is very exciting but, in fact, it is VERY important.

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Knee OA Treatment Guidelines Updated

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) has recently updated it’s knee OA treatment guidelines, following results in recent research. Mostly they are unchanged from the major recommendations which I reported on back in April 2012 for hand, hip and … Continue reading

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Knee OA Treatment : a multi-disciplinary approach works best.

This is an interesting report on how we should be approaching the rising problem of osteoarthritis (OA). Although this study is done into knee OA treatment it really does apply to any joint and if all the health professions could … Continue reading

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