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Osteoarthritis Self Management – does it work?

Many people seem to be afraid to take control of their own conditions. They rely on Doctors to provide them with a magic pill that will cure their problem and take the pain away. However with conditions like osteoarthritis it … Continue reading

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I Have Osteoarthritis ! What Should I do?

When you get the diagnosis from a health care practitioner your first thought will be “Oh my goodness! I have osteoarthritis! I must be old and worn out so this is the end of my life.” You imagine those¬†gnarled¬†old hags … Continue reading

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Natural Remedies for Osteoarthritis

Not all of us want to pop pills with all their side effects or go down the surgical route. This was the case with Dorothy Kitchen, the lady in this news item explaining some natural remedies for osteoarthritis. The video … Continue reading

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