Stem Cell Treatment for Osteoarthritis

Stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis

Stem cell treatment promises to help many conditions and diseases but we are still a long way off it being a successful treatment for osteoarthritis.

As usual the UK’s Daily Mail has jumped the gun announcing to the world that stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis is going to end our suffering.

Actually that’s not fair as the Daily Mail are not the only culprits of sensationalising a crippling disease. Many of the tabloids do it!

I agree it looks promising but we are still a long way off and articles like this one are simply giving people false hope. It is our children who will be benefitting not us (unless you are one of the unfortunates like myself who get OA at a very early age).  Continue reading

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Preventing Knee Osteoarthritis in a Way You Are Going to Enjoy!

Pouring Red WineID: 149619 © Milogu | Dreamstime Stock PhotosThere has been a piece of research done on alcohol and the risk of knee osteoarthritis. It has come up with a surprising finding:  Continue reading

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Osteoarthritis Treatment Guidelines : is your GP following them?

Osteoarthritis Treatment Guidelines. Are pills the only option?

Are pills the only option?

Every few years various countries update their osteoarthritis treatment guidelines to keep their Doctors up to date with the latest research. It is an impossible task for GPs to read all the research on all the conditions they see in practice but surely they should always read the guidelines put out by their governing bodies and adhere to them?  Continue reading

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