Osteoarthritis Management App Now Available

App for Osteoarthritis Management

Is this a good idea for your osteoarthritis management?

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) have put their name to and approved a computer app to help Doctors help osteoarthritis sufferers. These AUCs or appropriate use criteria apps are downloaded onto the Doctor’s computer and they are meant to tell them the best plan of action for your osteoarthritis management.

Apparently nowadays many Doctors use computer programs nowadays to diagnose you and make a treatment plan rather than relying on taking a comprehensive history and examining you. How stupid of me to think that is why they went to medical school!

The thing that really horrified me were the results of the advice given by the computer. They  were reported at Medical Xpress on this way of planning someone’s osteoarthritis management.

This is what the results were:

The panels came up with 10 different treatment options across 576 patient scenarios. Out of more than 5,700 different patient/treatment combinations:

  • 53 percent were rated as “Appropriate”
  • 29 percent were rated as “May Be Appropriate”
  • 18 percent were rated as “Rarely Appropriate”

Would I Recommend This for Osteoarthritis Management ?

I actually don’t think that is nearly good enough as  nearly 20% were considered ‘rarely appropriate’. In fact that may be down right dangerous as the sufferer may be doing their affected joint more damage if they are given inappropriate advice.

When I was at College we were always taught “Always consider safety first.” I don’t consider this safe. Yes I know I do things over the web without hands on with a client but there are lots of questions asked first. I want to be sure the advice I am giving will never do anyone any harm. Even if it doesn’t work the person must NEVER be worse off at the end. (Plus I offer money back guarantees so you won’t even be out of pocket!)

My advice and my exercise programs are carefully put together to make sure the worst that will happen is that you get a few days discomfort as you up your exercise. Plus I give ways to decrease the chances of this happening and advice on what to do if it does happen.

To give advice that is “rarely appropriate” is borderline negligent and I am shocked and surprised the AAOS has put their name to this. Any AUC needs to be a lot more accurate before this is rolled out to patients to help them with their osteoarthritis management (or any other condition for that matter!).

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