Osteoarthritis Guidelines Needed for Predicted Pandemic

The BBC has reported that the number of cases of osteoarthritis are set to double in the UK to 17 million by 2030. The prediction is made by a charity, Arthritis Care, and they urge that new osteoarthritis guidelines be put in place to cope with the “tsunami of pain”.

You can read the full report here:


As reported osteoarthritis affects the over 50s and this problem is not only occurring the UK but all over the world. We are going to be hit by a pandemic of osteoarthritis in the coming years.

Osteoarthritis guidelines must be followed to cope with the aging world population.

Osteoarthritis guidelines must be followed to cope with the aging world population.

Are Doctors Following the Current Osteoarthritis Guidelines?

That is a huge number of people who will need help and support but what really worries me is that Doctors don’t follow the current osteoarthritis guidelines issued a few week ago. They have a great tendency to prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and, if the person is overweight, tell them it is their  own fault and they should try loosing a few pounds!

Is issuing new guidelines going to help or are most Doctors so busy trying to cope with the day to day pressures they don’t keep up to date with new osteoarthritis guidelines?

How did your Doctor help or not help you? Did your Doctor send you for the physical therapy, advise you on supplements and follow the osteoarthritis guidelines or did they give you NSAIDs and tell you “Well it’s your age!”?

If they didn’t give you advice on heat and cold, supplements, splints, supports and braces, lifestyle changes and physical therapy then sign up for my free 3 day course. These are the therapies that the Arthritis Foundation issue in their osteoarthritis guidelines. Most treatments are really simple, but like all things in life, they are only simple when you know how! Click here and teach yourself to treat yourself.

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