Is Osteoarthritis Curable.

Is osteoarthritis curable is so often asked but when you Google it comes up with some pretty wild claims. One of the top answers is this video on You Tube about laser surgery called “Cure for Osteoarthritis they don’t want you to know about”.

This is typical of the blatant misrepresentation of some therapies. Is osteoarthritis curable using laser. NO! It does not rebuild the cartilage so it does not cure it!

Is Osteoarthritis Curable?

Yes in a way- by getting a joint replacement but not all joints are replaceable. Also there are risks associated with surgery and it only becomes an option when your osteoarthritis is severe.

Laser may reduce the symptoms but this review of all the studies suggested the jury was still out. It certainly doesn’t seem to be effective on hand osteoarthritis but may help knee osteoarthritisbut like all treatments such as TENS, interferential and hands on massage simply reduces the inflammation around the joint. This is a good thing as it will relieve the pain but you will need to keep up laser treatments in the long term to keep your symptoms controlled.

The reason therapists like you to have treatments such as laser is because you need to keep going back! It makes sound business sense but maybe not so good for you who has to keep opening your wallet to pay for treatment.

You can reduce inflammation by using ice and heat packs and doing self massage or buying and using your own TENS machine. I am currently doing some research into the best TENS machines so if you are interested join us on Facebook to get updates on that.

In the meantime sign up for my free 3 day course on how to use heat and ice packs effectively to reduce inflammation (you need to use both but a different time.) At least that doesn’t cost more than a packet of economy peas and a hot water bottle!

So please if you want to know is osteoarthritis curable the answer is NO and don’t be  taken in by false or exaggerated claims.

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