Advice for Osteoarthritis Patients

This is some excellent advice for osteoarthritis patients and what you should do if you suspect you have osteoarthritis.

It was published by the Chicago Sun-Times and you can read the full article here:

Advice for osteoarthritis patients : drugs are not the only form of therapy for osteoarthritis.

Drugs are not the only form of therapy for osteoarthritis.

As they correctly say “The first step is getting a definitive diagnosis” and that is best done by visiting a health-care professional. If you haven’t already done so please make sure you have osteoarthritis and not some other form of the 150 different types of arthritis. They are often managed in different ways.

The article quotes Dr. Patrick O’Meara who gives some excellent treatment advice for osteoarthritis patients. He have given a rounded point of view and is not stuck to the medical mantra that drug therapy and surgery are the way to go. I believe the best advice for osteoarthritis patients is to teach them lots of different therapies which may relieve the pain and then they can try them out and see what suits them best. We are all different and so respond differently to treatments.

Free Advice for Osteoarthritis Patients

That is why I do my free course giving advice to osteoarthritis patients so click on the link and sign up. In it I give a good overview of how and when to use all the treatments talked about in this article (plus a couple that aren’t) so people can make an educated choice.

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