Treatment of Osteoarthritis May Need to Take a New Direction


treatment of osteoarthritis may change especially in the early stages

Treatment of osteoarthritis may changes as researchers have found the collagen fibres in the subchondral bone are disturbed so it may be the bone changes that are causing the cartilage to wear.

A new study may change treatment of osteoarthritis. They analysed the subchondral bone (the bone just underneath the cartilage) and found there are subtle.

Now you might not think this is very exciting but, in fact, it is VERY important.

Up to now many have thought it is only the cartilage is affected but if the bone is affected then it will radically change the treatment of osteoarthritis, especially in the early stages.

This study was looking into ways to identify early OA rather than the treatment of osteoarthritis. They used Raman spectroscopy to look at the minerals in the bone. They studied phosphate, amide I and phenylalanine, which help make up the collagen.

They conclude

The  development of Raman spectroscopy as a screening tool, based on molecular-specific modifications in bone, would facilitate the identification of clinical disease, including earlier molecular changes.

I believe this study may have done far more than that.

If the subchondral bone is the earliest tissue to be affected by OA then it’s disintegration is one of the causes of OA.

Let’s face it, good foundations are vital. If you get subsidence in your house foundations the walls and roof crack. If the foundation of the cartilage is breaking down then the cartilage on top will get disturbed and it will ‘crack’.

Lookibg back. there have been indications of this over the years when we look back. I wrote an article last month on how women who drink milk ever day slow the progression of their OA. I suggested this is because post menopausal women get reduced bone density. So maybe it is helping the subchondral bone density and shoring up the foundation for the cartilage?

Types of Treatment of Osteoarthritis That Help The Bone

This finding that the bone is so heavily involved also explains why some treatments help so much.

The two most obvious treatments I suggest that help bone are

1. Supplements. The supplements I suggest which would also help with bone are a good multivitamin and mineral and Omega 3, 6 and 9. (I like these ones as they don’t taste fishy and have a good ratio of the different Omegas.)

2. Exercises. Regular weight bearing exercise is vital for bone health (as anyone with osteoporosis will have been told. So by using exercises as a form of therapy you are not only improving the join function but also the quality of the bone.

So if you want to know how to effectively use these two treatments (plus a whole lot more!) for under $20 get How to Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally.

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  1. Atieno Kili K'Odhiambo says:

    I have learnt that eating food with garlic improves the cartilage and reduces pain.

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