Stem Cell Treatment for Osteoarthritis

Stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis

Stem cell treatment promises to help many conditions and diseases but we are still a long way off it being a successful treatment for osteoarthritis.

As usual the UK’s Daily Mail has jumped the gun announcing to the world that stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis is going to end our suffering.

Actually that’s not fair as the Daily Mail are not the only culprits of sensationalising a crippling disease. Many of the tabloids do it!

I agree it looks promising but we are still a long way off and articles like this one are simply giving people false hope. It is our children who will be benefitting not us (unless you are one of the unfortunates like myself who get OA at a very early age). 

This article about stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis does pick up on a very exciting piece of research. Rather than harvesting the stem cells from another party these researchers are taking them from the hip of the sufferer. This has the huge benefit of being 100% compatible and so rejection rates are zero.

How Far Off is Stem Cell Treatment for Osteoarthritis?

Read this article. It will give you hope but take note of the last sentence as it tells you how far off we are about really learning whether stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis will work. The trial alone is set to last for 5 years so this treatment is still a long way off! However it does give the link if you live in the UK and fancy joining the trial as a guinea pig!

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  1. Romando Santiago says:

    I had been injected of MONOVISC (Cross-Linked Sodium Hyaluronate) once last October 31 2014 in the knee where i had severe OA. Is this really proven effective to relieve pain at least for about six months. I cant’n really say if it relieves pain or just because of my positive attitude and regularly exercising my damaged knee. . . Thanks. . . .

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