Stem Cell Osteoarthritis Treatment

Stem cell osteoarthritis treatment

Stem cell treatment promises to help many conditions and diseases including osteoarthritis.

Stem cell osteoarthritis treatment is still in it’s infancy and anyone contemplating undergoing this treatment for osteoarthritis should think long and hard. The long term consequences are not known and you have to be aware that you are in fact acting as a guinea pig for this procedure. It does however promise huge potential benefits for many diseases not just osteoarthritis.

When you have had the stem cells implanted (which is still a bit hit and miss as far as I can make out but will hopefully this part of stem cell osteoarthritis treatment will be resolved in time by Stupp) the surgeons then need to know whether the procedure has worked or not. This was explained in this report on imaging cartilage for stem cell osteoarthritis treatment:

 “Also playing a part in the long-term post-operative result, and thus the wellbeing of the patient, is the quality of the newly created  tissue. These days a biopsy, and hence another , is necessary in order to be able to assess this definitively.

At the High-Field Magnetic Resonance Centre of Excellence, under the leadership of Siegfried Trattnig, scientists have been working on the development of non-invasive examination methods for years, in order to image quantitatively the individual components, and thus the quality of the joint cartilage.”

Diffusion Weighted Imaging Will Help With Post Operative Stem Cell Osteoarthritis Treatment

All well you think but as the report points out:

The surgical treatment of cartilage defects is a comparatively young research field. Different surgical methods have developed in the last few years, nevertheless in specialist orthopaedic circles there is no unanimously held opinion on the best form of treatment.”

As I said at the start stem cell osteoarthritis treatment is still very new and there are still problems with many aspects of this treatments. Being able to image cartilage quality will benefit the test subjects (as I consider anyone undergoing this type of treatment for osteoarthritis). Also it will be many years before patients will be able to access expensive modern technology like this and so surgical biopsy will still be used for the foreseeable future.

If you are considering stem cell osteoarthritis treatment please make sure you do your due  diligence and talk to your Doctor and don’t follow up dodgy ads on the Internet as you don’t know who you are dealing with.

If you have had stem cell osteoarthritis treatment I am sure many people would love to hear your story about this new technique so please tell us in the comments section below.


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