Relieve Osteoarthritis Pain Using Mind Over Matter?

Relieve osteoarthritis pain

The pain suffered rarely correlates to how bad the degeneration is on X-ray

New research has shown people with chronic pain seem to process this pain differently in their brain. This means that it may be possible to trick the mind into coping with pain better so we can relieve osteoarthritis pain .

One of the things that always interested me at College was we are taught the finding on X-ray for OA rarely correlate to the amount of pain suffered.

In other words people with very mild OA can suffer huge amounts of pain while others with badly worn joints will say something like “Well it aches a bit in wet weather!”

I have also seen this time and again in clinical practice. People with deformed fingers and knees with little pain but others with only a hint of degeneration in complete agony.

I have always put this down to how the soft tissue around the joint reacts and how inflamed it gets as the pain of spreads over a much wider area as well. So, for example, someone with knee OA may get pain in the joint but its spreads into their knee muscles in the thigh and calf as well.

How The Brain May be Used to Relieve Osteoarthritis Pain

However this research shows it may all be in our heads!

Click on this link for a full report about this research on how the brain may be used to relieve osteoarthritis pain. It goes on to explain how talking may help with the pain. In it  Professor Wael El-Deredy, from The University of Manchester says:

“Our previous work has shown that brain responses to pain expectation can be altered by relatively short and inexpensive mindfulness-based talking therapies in patients with different types of chronic pain. Our current findings therefore provide both a new target for development of new therapies and some optimism for simple interventions to improve the brain’s control of chronic suffering endured by many patients with┬áchronic pain┬áconditions.”

This would be wonderful news for many of us. Not only would we be able to inexpensively relieve our osteoarthritis pain but we would also be able to do it without poisoning our bodies with pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Unfortunately this type of talking therapy is still quite a long way off so for the moment we will have to stick to tried and tested methods. In the mean time click on this link if you want to relieve osteoarthritis pain you can click on this link and learn How to Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally.

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