Osteoarthritis Pain Relief is Only Symptomatic Relief

Is popping more pills for osteoarthritis pain relief really the answer or are they simply masking the problem?

Is popping more pills for osteoarthritis pain relief really the answer or are they simply masking the problem?

This new research into osteoarthritis pain relief was reported by Sky News. In it the researchers claim they can stop the pain you and I suffer.

Great you think, no more pain but I am not so sure and let me play Devil’s advocate and explain why.

I have one big question:

Is it osteoarthritis pain relief worth researching- should they be directing the limited research fund to trying to find a cure?

Yes I know it would be great if the pain would stop but we suffer pain for a reason. It is nature’s way of stopping us damaging the joint further. If all the pain is gone you and I would do too much and joint replacement (if possible) would be needed much earlier.

Take the case of an old patient of mine. She has diabetes and suffered with peripheral neuropathy because it it. This meant she felt no pain. She had to check her feet every evening to make sure she had not cut or injuries as her body couldn’t tell her. She did this but failed to notice that her foot had become misshapen over time.

When she came to see me about her bad low back, that she could feel, her foot was so odd looking I commented on it. She simply shrugged. I suggested an X-ray on it and found on there were multiple stress fractures. I referred her to the orthopeadic surgeon who fused most of her foot together.

Now the foot didn’t bother her, it didn’t hurt anyway but her back did. Trouble was because she walked so oddly with her bad foot we never got her back completely right and she had to come for regular maintenance to keep it controlled.

You see if she had felt pain in her foot she never would have got such a severe back problem. Pain is the body’s warning system and although it is great to be pain free if there is still an underlying problem you need to be careful.

What Should You Do For Osteoarthritis Pain Relief

I believe you need to stop chasing and masking symptoms trying to get osteoarthritis pain relief. Sure you need to have pain relief at times and using hot and cold packs and sensible pain medication does do that. However you need to be proactive and try to improve the joint function. The only way to do that at the moment is to do a specifically targeted set of exercises for your worn joint.

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Oh and also, can researchers please direct funding to those trying to effect a CURE rather than simply masking the pain?

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