Osteoarthritis Anti-Inflammatory Seaweed Pill?

coral killing seaweed could be an osteoarthritis anti-inflammatory

The seaweed is killing coral but could become a powerful new osteoarthritis anti-inflammatory pill

Yet again a newspaper has heralded a miracle osteoarthritis anti-inflammatory pill that is going to relieve all your osteoarthritis pain! It is made from a seaweed that is killing coral in Hawaii so could be classified as natural. Oh I wish…..

The Daily Mail declared “Seaweed pill could help beat arthritis thanks to potent anti-inflammatory effect” and you can read the full article here


I totally sympathize with the comment underneath from Kev from Newcastle who said

I wish newspapers would stop posting misleading headlines about cures when every one of them is yet another possible cure nowhere near close to being a cure. Sometimes attention grabbing headlines are not very sensitive wjen people are given false hope.

This is years off any sort of commercial use and to make it ‘news’ as a possible osteoarthritis anti-inflammatory alternative is ridiculous. It is simply attention grabbing at people’s pain and unfair to us sufferers.

What do you think? Do you think this is unfair and in poor taste or is it fair game to sell newspapers in this way? Leave your comments below or on Facebook…


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