New Treatment for Osteoarthritis Stops Progression and Pain

This new treatment for osteoarthritis is targeted to the disease rather than the whole body.

This new treatment for osteoarthritis is targeted to the disease rather than conventional pills that affect the whole body.

This is a promising new treatment for osteoarthritis that not only reduces the pain but also stops the progression of the disease. If this is successful then it will be a major break through in treating OA and will end much pain and misery.

This new treatment for osteoarthritis was reported at the Pharmacy Times. It is being developed by Dr. Guy Scuderi who was a fellowship-trained spine surgeon until he had a motorbike which ended his career. 

His new treatment is targeting the proteins associated with OA which found in the joint fluid. He found the antibodies (our natural defences against these proteins) and then developed a synthetic one that was 400 times more powerful.

He reports

“The success has been phenomenal. I can take patients’ pain away in 24 hours…[and] stop cartilage degradation in its tracks.” The autologous A2M treatment, which is derived from 2ml of whole blood and is typically administered 2 to 3 times per year has led to “4 to 5 months of complete pain relief.”

By doing this he is being very disease specific which I like as treatment generally gives less side effects when you do this.

FDA Excited About This New Treatment for Osteoarthritis

In a press release Dr. Scuderi talked about the initiation of a phase I/II clinical trial by his company Cytonics Corporation. He said

“This approval by the FDA, 30 days after our initial submission and with no iterative rounds of review, is a testament to the comprehensive and high-quality work that our team has executed,” said Scuderi in the press release. “Cytonics’ accomplishments in the scientific, intellectual property, regulatory, and now clinical aspects of A2M have positioned Cytonics to bring this important new molecular treatment for degenerative cartilage to the clinic and the market.”

I agree. This is pretty unusual and the FDA love their reviews (probably quite rightly to protect us!) so for them to push this through so quickly is a testament to the promise of this new treatment for osteoarthritis as well as the thoroughness of the proposal made by Dr. Scuderi and his team.

This is the most promising new treatment for osteoarthritis I have read about in many years as it will be possible to use it on every joint in the body including the neck and back. Pity he is based in Florida or I could well have been putting my name down to be part of his clinical trials!


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  1. marietes says:

    to Dr.Sophie,
    I would like to ask you regarding my hip joint where i am scheduled for surgery but unfortunately for three times my schedule is always postponed due to the surgeons schedule .He is based in US and comes in the Phils. 4 times a year.Im also in Lordotic posture i also have OA . As i was diagnosed with my hip as advanced already where my cartilage is already worn and torn .I can’t walk too long and can’t bear to long standing too.My way of walking is like a pendulum.Do you think surgery is my last recourse with my present situation?

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