New Treatment for Osteoarthritis (or is it a very old one?)

OK this might be a bit yucky for some but I read a couple of  research papers on how medical leeches are the big new treatment for osteoarthritis! Yup you read that right- LEECHES!

For example there is this 2012 study into this wonderful new treatment for osteoarthritis in the knee which says concludes:

Single leech therapy showed significant, relevant and sustaining effects, comparable to other trials with leeches. The method deserves further research, esp. into mechanisms of possible specific effects and optimization of dosing by number of leeches and possible repeats.

Could You Try This New Treatment for Osteoarthritis?

Well like all good Internet researchers the first place I checked out was YouTube and I found this video.

As the guy says

I am not a medical doctor and I am not offering any medical advice…just my experience. Do not try if you have a compromised immune system, recent major surgery or are allergic to leech spit, seriously.

Actually I suggest you don’t try this at all without it being done in a proper sterile medical situation!

As to whether it works. Who know and personally I am too squeamish to find out!

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