New Treatment for Osteoarthritis is Promising

Gregory D. Jay, MD, PhD investigated this promising new treatment for osteoarthritis

Gregory D. Jay, MD, PhD investigated this promising new treatment for osteoarthritis.

This is a research paper from Rhode island Hospital which may have found a promising new treatment for osteoarthritis. Please note it is in the very early stages so is not available yet as it has only been tested on mice.

They have found that injecting  a protein called lubricin into the joint reduces the risk of getting osteoarthritis and may even prevent it. Although it may not cure what has already happened if the disease can be caught at an early stage and this protein injected into the joint then at least it may stop the progression.

This is the type of research we really need rather than hashing over old bits of research such as Vitamin D (which doesn’t work on it’s own) or exercises (which we know do help).

What is this New Treatment for Osteoarthritis?

These guys have found something completely new and what the author,  Gregory D. Jay, M.D., Ph.D. said:

 “The lubricant is a protein, not hyaluronic acid, and currently, there are no disease-modifying treatments for osteoarthritis. Patients suffering from this degenerative joint disease either go through a total joint replacement, or are forced to live with pain every day. This discovery, however, supports that adding a lubricin replacement to the fluid in joints may in fact prevent osteoarthritis in those who have a genetic predisposition to the illness, or who have suffered significant trauma to the joints.”

Jay added

“We are working to create a replacement for natural lubricin that we hope will significantly improve the treatment options, and ultimately prevention measures, for those with early osteoarthritis, or those with joint injuries.”

OK this is not ready for clinical application yet but I do think this is really promising and with Jay in charge it is one of the research studies I would happily sign up for!

In the mean time, until this new treatment for osteoarthritis is ready, sign up for my free course to see how you can effectively manage your osteoarthritis.

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