New Osteoarthritis Treatment Must Be Out of Star Trek Movie!

New Osteoarthritis Treatment Dr Rocky Tuan

Dr. Rocky Tuan could be the creator of an exciting new osteoarthritis treatment

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh, led by Dr. Rocky Tuan, are developing the most exciting new osteoarthritis treatment I have seen in a long time. They are 3D printing new cartilage!

That is honestly like something out of Star Trek and could herald the end of many diseases and conditions. Imagine, replacement parts for anyone who needs them- cartilage, bone, hearts, kidneys could all simply be printed off if we need a new something.

I can’t explain how exciting I think this new osteoarthritis treatment is. Once they have ironed out the considerable problems it should be reasonably easy to produce new living cartilage that will not be rejected and that is what has never been done successfully before. All man made ones just wear away really quickly.

I don’t know much about 3D printing although my kids school has one so they must be getting more common. If like me you don’t understand how they can work then check out this video. It explains it pretty well.

When Will This New Osteoarthritis Treatment Be Available?

Now don’t get too excited as there is a long way to go yet. This is many years away yet as many other things have to be sorted yet. Not least how to actually transplant this successfully! However I do think this is very exciting and takes, not only osteoarthritis treatment but all medicine to a whole new level.

In the mean time there is still no magic bullet for us current sufferers. Other new osteoarthritis treatment seem to appear and then are found to be unsuccessful. It is really very frustrating!

So I say stick with what are proven treatments and are the ones strongly supported by Orthopaedic and Rheumatology gurus around the world. Click here to find out what they are…

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