Knee Joint Pain Relief

Changing the way you walk could give knee joint pain relief

Changing the way you walk could give knee joint pain relief.

This study found you can get  knee joint pain relief simply by changing the way you walk! That makes complete sense to me as by changing the way you walk will alter where the pressure goes in the knee.

When you have osteoarthritis the cartilage wears away in the place where you put the most pressure. So if you change the pressure point to where there is still cartilage then you will have knee joint pain relief.

Like all the best ideas wonderfully simple!

The story was reported at and gave 2 peoples story, Lloyd Manson and Suzanne Dancer, who had taken part in the study for knee joint pain relief. The study was run by a mechanical engineer called Mark Cutkosky. As medicalxpress explains

The research team first outfitted test subjects with sensors and then directed them to walk on a treadmill. When Manson took a step, custom software precisely calculated the forces on his joints. That data helped the team determine if a gait change might help reduce his pain.

“We use a biomechanics model and say, ‘Aha! If you were, for example, to turn your toes in just a little bit or maybe your knees out, you could reduce the peak loads, the adverse loads on the knee joint,'” explains Cutkosky. The idea is to shift weight away from the more worn-out area to the more cushioned area of the knee cartilage.

Both subjects were taught to walk differently and both got a great deal of knee joint pain relief.

Please heed this warning…

Do not try and get knee joint pain relief this way by yourself. You need expert help!

If you try knee joint pain relief by changing the way you walk without expert help you could mess up a load of things. By altering your stride you will change the pressure not only through the knee but also through the low back, hip, ankle and foot. Change your gait in the wrong way and you won’t get knee joint pain relief you will make your knee pain WORSE!

The subjects in this study reported that it took them weeks to retrain themselves and they  had help all through this time:

But, Cutkosky cautions not to try changing your stride on your own. You could do more harm than good. To help test subjects learn their new gaits, Cutkosky and his team developed a biofeedback device for treadmill walking. One misstep and the device vibrates. They’re working on a portable version to reinforce the modified gait outside the lab.

What Can You Do To Get Knee Joint Pain Relief?

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