Ice Packs for Arthritis Taken to the Extreme!

Ice packs for arthritis should stay flexible when frozen.

Ice packs for arthritis should stay flexible when frozen.

This is a new form of treatment. It takes using ice packs for arthritis to the extreme! Click on this link to an article in the Mail Online about an ice injection rather than using ice packs for arthritis. It works by damaging the small blood vessels that supply the nerves around the knee which kills the pain.

Should You Consider These Injections or Stick to Ordinary Ice Packs for Arthritis?

This overwhelming need modern medicine has to totally kill the pain is very dangerous in my opinion. If you do that you effectively silence your body’s warning system that something is wrong. In fact Congenital Insensitivity to Pain (CIP) is considered a condition so why do Doctors want to reproduce this condition chemically?

Dull the pain by all means if it is bad but do not kill it off completely as you will risk making your arthritis worse, increasing the rate of degeneration and allowing the soft tissue to become chronically inflamed.

I have long been an advocate for ice packs for arthritis. You should use them when you are in PAIN but if you feel STIFF then use a heat pack instead.

How long you leave on ice packs for arthritis for depends on which joint you are treating. However I am not sure I would go to this extreme as I do not want my arthritis to progress any quicker. (I have OA in the spine, diagnosed over 20 years ago and surgery is simply not an option so I have to take care of what I have!)

Make sure, whatever ice packs for arthritis you use, are flexible when frozen. You want them to fit into the contours of the body. To be honest frozen peas work fine, but wrap them in a tea towel rather than placing them next to your skin. Frozen plastic can cause cold burns.

To use ice packs for arthritis effectively for particular joints then you can find out exactly how to use them by buying the appropriate How to Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally book and you can learn about other proven treatments plus an exercise program as well!

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