Early Knee Osteoarthritis – a new treatment option?

Early knee osteoarthritis - is invasive treatment better than an exercise program?

Is invasive treatment better than an exercise program for early knee osteoarthritis?

If you have early knee osteoarthritis there is a new treatment option being trialed at the moment. It is called the The KineSpring® System and is designed to fill the gap between conservative care and knee replacement surgery.

Most early knee osteoarthritis happens in the medial (inside) of the knee.  This is new of device is designed to support the inside of the knee. It is implanted by screwing it into the thigh bone and the shin but sits   outside the actual knee joint. This means you can still have a knee replacement at a later stage.

Things I like about this treatment for early knee osteoarthritis.

♦ It does not disturb the normal anatomy and is placed outside the joint.

During the joint sparing procedure, the slender device is implanted under the skin, alongside your knee joint, meaning that your natural joint anatomy remains intact. Unlike joint replacement procedures, none of your bone, ligament, or cartilage is removed during the KineSpring Procedure.

♦ It is reversible

The implant and reversible procedure are specifically designed to enable a rapid recovery, leaving your future treatment options uncompromised.

♦ Good recovery period

Patients recently treated with the KineSpring System typically left the hospital after less than one week and resumed full weight bearing on the knee less than two weeks after the procedure.1

Things I dislike about this treatment for early knee osteoarthritis

♦ It is still invasive and like all surgery there are inherent risks such as infection.

♦ The way they compare it to other treatment options stating

 However, many current therapies are either ineffective or involve highly invasive, joint modifying procedures.

The link to find out more about The KineSpring® System for Early Knee Osteoarthritis

Is Invasive Treatment Necessary for Early Knee Osteoarthritis?

Invasive treatment may well be necessary for severe osteoarthritis but this treatment is aimed at early knee osteoarthritis. Exercises and weight loss have been shown to be highly effective in treating early knee osteoarthritis so is invasive treatment necessary?

In my opinion this new treatment for early knee osteoarthritis may prove to be effective for people who can’t loose weight or non-compliant with an exercise program. As most exercise programs, once at a maintenance level, should take about 20 minutes 3 times a week (assuming a reasonably active lifestyle) I do wonder whether this sort of cost, in $ terms, surgical time terms and risk, is worth it?

I believe too often nowadays we look for someone else to solve our problems and don’t take enough responsibility for our health. We have been lulled into pills and surgery are the only options and if we leave the Doctor without a prescription we feel he has not done his job properly!

I say if you have early knee osteoarthritis try weight loss (if necessary) and exercises before you have any invasive procedure.

What do you think? Would you rather undergo surgery rather than do one hour of exercises each week? Leave your comments below….


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