Osteoarthritis Treatment with Supplements

Osteoarthritis treatment with supplements

Drugs are not the only form of therapy for osteoarthritis.

If you are considering osteoarthritis treatment with supplements you should take the time to read this article in the Health News Digest. It reveals some horrific finding of a study done by ConsumerLab.com which says osteoarthritis treatment with supplements could seriously damage your health due to lead poisoning.

Please do not be put off osteoarthritis treatment with supplements. Like most things in life you get what you pay for and good quality supplements are more expensive but are worth the money.

As this article reveals not only might you get poisoned but often the supplement is in a form that is not easily absorbed by the body.

Glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM are popular dietary supplements for treating symptoms of osteoarthritis – worn joint cartilage. But some products are contaminated with lead, don’t contain listed ingredients, or have inadequate labeling, according recent analyses by ConsumerLab.com. ConsumerLab.com purchased and tested supplements for osteoarthritis for people as well as products for dogs, cats and horses.

They go on to reveal that

Among the 21 products for people selected by ConsumerLab.com which contained glucosamine and/or chondroitin, four products failed to pass ConsumerLab.com’s review. A supplement sold by a national chain was contaminated with 13.2 micrograms of lead per daily serving – far exceeding the 0.5 mcg limit set by the State of California (the only state to set a limit), above which a warning label is required. Lead accumulates in the body and, at high levels, can adversely affect the nervous system and increase blood pressure. Children are particularly sensitive to lead and should not be exposed to more than 6 mcg in total per day. Adults can tolerate higher levels of lead, but unnecessary exposure should be avoided. A supplement sold by another national brand was also contaminated with lead, although at a lower level — 1.7 micrograms of lead per daily serving.

Osteoarthritis Treatment with Supplements is usually Helpful

I stand firmly in the camp that osteoarthritis treatment with supplements is a good thing to try. Many people find they get pain relief using various supplements.

I am currently putting together a guide of the best supplements for osteoarthritis which will discuss not only the actual supplements but also explain which supplements you should try and why. If you are considering osteoarthritis treatment with supplements and you would like a copy please contact me directly and I will send you a free copy in exchange for feedback and an honest testimonial.

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