Osteoarthritis Management Should Include Diet and Exercise

Osteoarthritis management

You can do so much more that simply taking pills.

There is NO cure for osteoarthritis. There is lots of new exciting research being done on stem cells and regeneration of cartilage but these are all in their infancy. In the meantime osteoarthritis management is all we sufferers can do.

This article answers the question

“What role do diet and exercise play in developing and treating osteoarthritis of the knee?”

But in fact it applies to any weight bearing joint.

You can read the answer here and it is worth taking the time to read. It is written in simple terms and explains how long term committed management is the answer.


Osteoarthritis Management Can Change Your Life.

It is important to remember taking control of your condition will help more than your physical symptoms. Many people with osteoarthritis suffer anxiety and depression. By doing something positive you will benefit mentally as well as physically.

I believe¬†osteoarthritis management, over time, becomes habitual and these things doesn’t have take over your life. They can change your life though.¬†Take the first step and sign up for my free 3 day course here.

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