Osteoarthritis Exercise Program – why bother and how to get one.

An osteoarthritis exercise program

Doing an osteoarthritis exercise program with a friend helps you both keep motivated.

An osteoarthritis exercise program must become a habit. Why? Because exercises do not cure osteoarthritis but they do relieve the symptoms and allow us to do more with less pain.

This interesting study was done because it is well known that an osteoarthritis exercise program benefits the sufferer but compliance to any  program can be poor.

They used behavioral therapy to increase compliance to the osteoarthritis exercise program.

Supplementing a traditional exercise therapy intervention with group-mediated cognitive-behavioral counseling (GMCB) sessions resulted in knee osteoarthritis patients spending significantly more minutes per week engaged in moderate to vigorous physical activity than with the standard exercise intervention alone, Brian C. Focht, Ph.D., reported at the annual meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine.

Why Do People Give Up on Their Osteoarthritis Exercise Programs?

A while ago I did an osteoarthritis exercise program for a lady with hip osteoarthritis. She did the few minutes of massage each day as set out in week 1 and gave up on day 5. This is what she said in her email

“I tried the massages and it works, but I am not a disciplant  person…I am spontaneous so I have changed my mind and don’t want to do the programme.”

You felt better but you are giving up before you even start doing your osteoarthritis exercise program??

I’m afraid I don’t understand that- do you?

Why you must do an Osteoarthritis Exercise Program

♦  You are in pain and you feel stiff.

♦  Your quality of life is ruined.

♦  An osteoarthritis exercise program is the one strongest recommended forms of treatment from the American College of Rheumatology (ACR). It is the treatment that is most likely to relieve your pain and stiffness.

But an Osteoarthritis Exercise Program is Boring!

Yes it is but once you have learnt them you can do them while watching TV in the evening  or listening to music so they don’t interfere with life too much. One of my UK clients does her Joint Control program while watching Eastenders, her favourite soap opera, which is on 4 times a week. As she says that gives her the added benefit of doing her program once extra per week. Whatever works for you!

What you have to realise is that life in between the osteoarthritis exercise program is much more exciting even if doing your exercises is not!

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my spine 22 years ago. I gave up my career due to the pain I suffered after I spent a day working at the soccer club. I did not do an exercise program then. I relied on manipulation and the occasional massage.

Now I do an osteoarthritis exercise program my quality for life has improved amazingly. I look after and ride horses (we have 5 on the property at the moment), help out on our 18 acre small holding and join in the active lifestyle the whole family enjoy here in New Zealand. If I had bothered before would I have saved my career? Probably but it’s a bit late now!

What happened to the lady who gave up on her osteoarthritis exercise program?

I have no idea! I sent her a couple of emails to educate her about the benefit of her osteoarthritis exercise program but she didn’t reply. I simply refunded her money.

With the Joint Control osteoarthritis exercise program we work together to control your osteoarthritis pain.  Of course I will help and support you in any way I can but I can’t do your actual program for you! I can, of course, only help those who are prepared to help themselves and I do hope she found the magic cure she was searching for.

Are you REALLY motivated to help yourself? If you are then you could also take a look at my book How to Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally.  It will teach you everything you need to know and includes a self massage and exercise programs to relieve you pain and stiffness but it will only work if you actually do the massage and the exercises!

If you want an individually designed osteoarthritis exercise program and are self motivated enough to do it then please click on these links to find out more. 

One on one help with Joint Control

Go it alone with How to Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally

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