Osteoarthritis Exercise Program Recommended Pre Surgery

Osteoarthritis exercise program

A generic osteoarthritis exercise program is not a good idea. It should be designed for you and how your osteoarthritis affects you.

An osteoarthritis exercise program is once again being hailed both as a treatment and as a way to improve surgical outcomes.

Ewa M. Roos, PT, PhD, from the Institute of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics and faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense, is a well known expert in biomechanics. He recently gave a talk at the European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (EFORT) 2013 congress in Istanbul  recommending a osteoarthritis exercise program as a means of pain relief for patients with osteoarthritis.

In it he says

The current evidence supports exercise as a safe and effective intervention for OA patients. Based on that evidence and clinical experience I would recommend a 6-week supervised, individualized exercise program for all patients with hip and knee osteoarthritis, together with information on their condition and weight loss where relevant.

Scary- that could be me talking!

Get an Individually Designed Osteoarthritis Exercise Program Without Breaking the Bank!

For years I have said that an osteoarthritis exercise program is the backbone of any plan of management. However taking them off YouTube is dangerous. The exercises should be suitable for someone with osteoarthritis and, even if they are, you need a program schedule which tells you how many repetitions and how often you should do the exercise.

If you get a reaction to your individually designed exercise program then you need to talk to your therapist. We all react differently to different treatments so your osteoarthritis exercise program and/or your schedule may need altering or updating.

So how can you get this sort of treatment without visiting the therapist every week? After all it costs a minimum of $50 to go and Dr Roos is suggesting 6 to 10 treatments. But with my Joint Control program you can get an individually designed program and all the help you need for 3 months for under $100.

Click on this link to read about the Joint Control osteoarthritis exercise program and click here how it has changed the life of some people.

If that is still too steep for you and you are the self motivated type you can try my new osteoarthritis exercise program. It is not as individually designed but there is a questionnaire so you can be sure you are doing the correct number of the right types of exercises. There is no one on one help but if you leave a comment on the page I will answer any questions.

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