Osteoarthritis Books Will Be Available Free Next Week

Osteoarthritis books

This one is for the hip, but you can get one for the neck, back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, fingers & thumb, knee ankle or foot & toes.

My series of osteoarthritis books will be available free next week (probably be from Wednesday 21st). If you are on my free newsletter list I will send you an email the day before telling you how to get it .

This is how I describe these osteoarthritis books at Amazon:

Natural Treatment for Osteoarthritis in the XXX is a concise, practical guide on osteoarthritis management.

Is your OA affecting every part of your life? Is it keeping you from enjoying the good things in life – time with grand-kids, playing golf, even working in the yard?

Would it be nice to get out of bed – just for one morning – without pain and stiffness?

Do you find every time you try and push through the pain you pay for it for the next 2-3 days with even more pain?

Natural Treatment for Osteoarthritis in the XXX is written in plain English and not medical jargonese and begins by answering the questions “What is osteoarthritis?” and “What really causes your pain and stiffness?” 

Next it explains some simple life style changes to relieve your symptoms, such as:
– When you should rest and when you should work through the pain
– How you can change your diet to reduce your pain while still having those foods you love!

It goes on to teach you how to use all the different types of treatment for osteoarthritis which are recommended by the Arthritis Foundation- plus how to get them without breaking the bank. All these treatments have been scientifically proven to help with the pain.

You will learn:
– How to use heat and cold packs for quick pain relief.
– Should you should use a brace and if so when you should use it and what type you should use?
– Which are the best supplements for osteoarthritis and which you should take?
– Do you really need physical therapy and how can you get this vital treatment for your osteoarthritis without paying for it for the rest of your life?
– Should you ever use drugs and if you should what type should you use?

It wraps up with a simple step by step osteoarthritis management plan for you to action- one designed for you and your lifestyle.

Nothing is worse than feeling great mentally, but physically feeling held back from life because of your OA.

Get your copy of Natural Treatment for Osteoarthritis in the XXX now and start living again!

There are osteoarthritis books for the following joints:

Hip                    Knee                    Ankle                    Foot and Toes

Shoulder          Elbow                   Wrist                    Hand, Fingers and Thumb

Neck                Back

All I ask is that in return you leave an HONEST review at Amazon what you thought of the book. I hope they help and any criticism will be helpful (equally if you pick up spelling mistakes, typos etc if you would drop me a line that would be really helpful. Although these osteoarthritis books have proof read several times by different people you never know!

What If You Don’t Want to Wait for One of These Osteoarthritis Books?

All these osteoarthritis books are available now at a whooping $3.99! Just click on the links above for the joint you want.

Thanks a lot and if you have any questions about these osteoarthritis books or anything else you know you can contact me here.

Update August 30 2013: you can upgrade from these books and get How to Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally. They are more expensive at $19.99 but you get all the above plus a self massage and exercise program as well. Your choice!

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