Natural Treatment for Osteoarthritis: this is novel!

milk is a natural treatment for osteoarthritis

Drinking milk can reduce the progression of OA in women

A new natural treatment for osteoarthritis has been found: MILK!

New research published in Arthritis Care and Research on milk as a natural treatment for osteoarthritis shows that if women drink milk every day they reduce the progression of the disease. 

This is thorough research carried out over a 4 year period, analysing over 3000 knees. They used objective analysis only by measuring the reduction in the joint space in the knee.

Will Drinking Milk Help Everyone?

Interestingly drinking milk didn’t help men.

My best guess is that it is due to the hormonal changes women go through in menopause. One of the effects of menopause is a reduction in bone density which leads to osteoporosis (a reduction in bone density). Men don’t go through menopause and so are much less likely to get osteoporosis.

Milk is an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus which are used in the maintenance of bone in adults. Also because they are found in association with the casein (a protein) they are highly digestible by the body allowing us to use the minerals rather than simply excreting them.

Nobody really understands the cause of osteoarthritis but one thing is for sure there is not just one thing that causes it. One factor it is definitely linked to a reduction in bone density. So as women’s bone density decreases they will have one more factor that may cause or increase the progression of OA that has been caused by something else. By drinking milk they will slow their progression by increasing their bone density.

As men get less reduction in bone density as they get older then milk has less effect on their progression.

Anyway that’s my theory!

What is an Alternative Natural Treatment for Osteoarthritis If You Don’t Like Milk?

Taking a good supplement will certainly do the trick. I recommend the homeopathic supplement Strong Bone Ultra as this contains things that aid the digestibility and uptake of the minerals (in the same way the casein in the milk works). By using a supplement to compensate for the lack of milk you will have the same effect

Click here more information about how to use supplements as a natural treatment for osteoarthritis.

Update to this Article

I got an email from a lady who said:

“I’m confused, for years I’ve been told to cut down on dairy products to prevent worsening osteo arthritus.”

This was my rather long winded reply but I hope it clears a few things up! Sorry for the confusion!

Dairy products do not worsen the osteoarthritis itself. It may increase inflammation in some people which is why you will have been told this.

Osteoarthritis is not an inflammatory arthritis and therefore dairy would make no difference to the actual condition (i.e. the wearing of the joint). The only way to improve the wearing is to give food and supplements that will improve the bone and cartilage. So in this study milk was shown to slow the progress as it improved that.

The only things that are inflamed are the soft tissue (muscles, tendons and ligaments) around the joint. This is because the joint is dysfunctional. It is not part of the actual condition. Dairy products (cheese is the worst culprit) can increase the inflammatory reaction in some people. Milk tends not to do this as much (as this study showed). I believe this is due to the way the body absorbs and processes these different dairy products.

For more information on foods to eat and to avoid to help inflammation try this article:

However you can avoid having to cut back on many foods (I don’t worry too much about it) by reducing the inflammation by using massage, heat and cold. Then improve the condition of the soft tissue with a good exercise program so you will have less inflammation anyway. It will also give you pain relief as much of the pain we suffer comes from the soft tissue inflammation rather than from the worn joint. That is all taught in detail How to Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally.

I hope that makes things a bit clearer?

If anyone has any more questions please leave a comment below and I will get right back to you!

Sorry for any confusion!

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