Natural Treatment for Osteoarthritis : digital books for 10 joints

Natural Treatment for Osteoarthritis in the Knee

At last I have finished my first series of digital books! They are now available on Kindle and are called Natural Treatment for Osteoarthritis in whichever joint! I have done different books for specific joints so everyone gets the advice they need for the particular joint.

There are Natural Treatment for Osteoarthritis books for hip, knee, ankle. foot & toes, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, fingers & thumb, neck and back.

In each book I carefully explain vital lifestyle changes  and many simple home treatments you can use to relieve your pain an stiffness- all without breaking the bank!

Will Natural Treatment for Osteoarthritis Help You?

I sincerely hope so! Each of the Natural Treatment for Osteoarthritis books starts by answering the question what is osteoarthritis and explains how it affects that particular joint. It gives common signs and symptoms but I do still recommend you consult with your Doctor to get professionally diagnosed.

Then I cover all the treatments recommended by the Arthritis Foundation including:

♦ When to rest.

♦ When to work through the pain and be active.

♦ When and how to use heat packs for that particular joint.

♦ When and how to use cold packs for that particular joint.

♦ If you should use a splint, brace or support and if you should when to use it and which one to use.

♦ What is physical therapy and how to get it without breaking the bank.

I believe supplements and diet can also help so I have added chapters on each of these as well.

I thought long and hard whether to add Chapter 9 which is about pain medication into a book called Natural Treatment for Osteoarthritis. In the end I did as sometimes many of us need that little bit more and I would rather give sensible advice on using drugs sensibly.

So How Much Am I Charging for Natural Treatment for Osteoarthritis?

There are Natural Treatment for Osteoarthritis books for the following joints. They are available from Amazon for $3.99.

Hip                    Knee                    Ankle                    Foot and Toes

Shoulder          Elbow                   Wrist                    Hand, Fingers and Thumb

Neck                Back

What If I Don’t Have a Kindle?

No worries- you can get free readers from Amazon for just about all computers, tablets and Smart phones. Click on this link so you can read your copy of Natural Treatment for Osteoarthritis (or any other Kindle book for that matter!) without buying a Kindle.


I have now added a self massage and exercise program to 8 of these books (none for neck or back due to the very real possibility of pinching a nerve) and have self published them. They are available here.


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