Massage for Osteoarthritis Recommended by Harvard Doctor

Massage for Osteoarthritis

Self massage for osteoarthritis is easy to learn and highly effective.

I have long recommended and taught massage for osteoarthritis. It is so easy to do and so effective. However I hear very few Doctors recommending it so I was pleasantly surprised when I read this answer to the question:

I have osteoarthritis. My doctor recommends NSAIDs over acetaminophen for pain. Why? What’s the advantage?

The answer was given by a Dr. Anthony Komaroff who is a physician and professor at Harvard Medical School. His answer is well worth reading as he gives an excellent explanation about why NSAIDs are not the answer and that massage for osteoarthritis is a great alternative to drugs.

The Problem with Massage for Osteoarthritis

If you are a regular reader of mine you will already know there is no cure for OA. Therefore any therapy or treatment you undertake must be continued for life (or until you are bad enough to get a replacement!). This becomes prohibitively expensive as who can afford to go to the masseur a couple of times per week?!

The obvious answer is to become your own masseur and it is a lot easier than you think.

Many therapists will use electrical modalities such as TENS or ultrasound but many will work by hand. Those who work by hand often use a type of massage for osteoarthritis called cross friction which works by rubbing at right angles to the affected fibres.

This means all you have to do is learn which fibres are affected and where they run.

It is so ridiculously simple and I have found many of my clients get huge relief from just a few minutes per day!

“The massage technique was amazing- after only two days the stiffness when I got up in the morning was vastly improved” –Janet from Guildford

“With the massage under my belt and already feeling much better as the muscles were not so tight and the fluid retention I had on my bad knee had subsided a little…” – Lesley from Derby

How to Learn How to Massage Your Osteoarthritis

You can learn you how to effectively massage your joint  for under $20. I believe that is a bargain just for that information when you consider the cost of ONE massage for osteoarthritis would be at least $50! Plus you will learn other easy to use home treatments, get some lifestyle advice and a suitable exercise program.

All these will enable you to manage your osteoarthritis so you can have a better quality if life and do more with less pain.

Don’t just take my word for it. Dr Komaroff’s advice is:

“Finally, don’t rely solely on medication. Try other pain-relief strategies such as physical therapy or massage. Strong muscles around a joint can reduce the force with which bone meets bone. Therapy increases muscle strength.

Why massage, since the joint is deep inside the body, well away from the fingers of the person performing massage? Because arthritis in a joint often causes spasm of the muscles around that joint. This is particularly true of arthritis of the hip and knee. Massage for osteoarthritis can relieve the muscular pain.”

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4 Responses to Massage for Osteoarthritis Recommended by Harvard Doctor

  1. Doris says:

    Dear Dr. Sophie

    Before I found out that I have O. A. I used to go out walking but now I nearly don’t
    go as I am afraid that I make more damage to my knee.
    Please can you give me your opinion if I’m doing right not going walking

    Thank you

    • Dr. Sophie says:

      Hi Doris,

      No exercise and especially low impact exercise such as walking are good for you. The human body is designed to walk around, hunting and gathering and it helps keep us healthy in many ways. Walking will help your symptoms and help it getting any worse. Two short 20 minutes walk a day are better than one long walk.

      So get those walking shoes out of the wardrobe and enjoy!

      (My apologies for the tardy reply but I had a nasty quad bike accident and am only just catching up!)

  2. Doris says:

    Hi Dr.Sophie

    First of all I am very sorry about the accident. I hope you will have a good recovery
    and be well soon.
    Thanks for answering my message but I have a difficulty about how many days I go
    walking in a week.
    Thanks and get well soon.


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