New Knee Brace for Osteoarthritis – is it really the answer?

knee brace for osteoarthritis

Will a traditional knee brace work as well as the new OA Nano?

A company called DJO Global has launched an new knee brace for osteoarthritis. They are making some pretty extravagant claims calling it a “game changer”. But is this really true?

This knee brace for osteoarthritis is described as being

“14.2 ounces, the OA nano is the lightest knee brace of its kind in the world. And the Vista, Calif.-based medical device company is hoping more knee pain or osteoarthritis sufferers can use the brace to forgo total knee replacement surgery, possibly for years.”

and that

“An OA brace is really going to be worn like shoes,” Moore said. “If you’re getting up and going, you’re wearing the brace. You can wear that brace 6 to 8 to 10 hours a day.”

Is This Knee Brace for Osteoarthritis a Good Idea?

My gut feeling is  NO, NO and NO!

It is not that I don’t think this may be the best knee brace for osteoarthritis on the market. It may very well be – I haven’t seen it. But no brace should be worn for that length of time. It will do the work of the muscles which will make them very weak. Eventually when you do need a replacement your muscles will be so weak you rehab time will be months longer and the outcome poorer.

To understand more about how important pre operative exercises and the condition of your muscles are prior to surgery please read this post.

Would I recommend spending $500 to $1000 on a knee brace for osteoarthritis?

Personally I think it is completely unnecessary as any brace should only be worn when you are doing something that really aggravates your knee and then take it off again afterwards.

You could try these much more reasonably priced knee braces for osteoarthritis and have some really good nights out with the money you save!

Better still do some targeted exercises for osteoarthritis and get your muscles to do the work and don’t use a knee brace for osteoarthritis at all!


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