Exercises for OA Helped Michael Vaughan More Than Surgery

For those who don’t follow English cricket Michael Vaughan was the English cricket captain about 10 years ago and is considered by some to be one of the greatest batsman who ever lived. More lately he took to the dance stage in Strictly Come Dancing but what I didn’t know is that he has suffered from degeneration in his knees since his teenage years. Amazingly his physios had always allowed him to go for the surgical quick fix rather than prescribing simple exercises for OA.

The Daily Mail told his story this week and you can read about his how he regrets many of the surgeries he has had and how a simple exercises for OA made the difference.

If you don’t believe me check out his knee movement in this jive routine!

So Will Exercises for OA Allow You To Jive Like This?

Not unless you already could or if you get professional lessons!

OK seriously- so maybe some of you won’t get to this level of movement but a good program of exercises for OA can make a huge difference to your quality of life.

That is why I wrote my new book How to Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally. Currently I charge US$97 for designing individual programs and working with people one on one. That is often out of reach of people who are retired and on pensions. I get so many emails asking can I do something a bit cheaper.

So I have!

I have adapted my Joint Control program into a series of books which are now available. The books include a questionnaire and 3 different schedules so people do the correct number of repetitions of the exercises. After all, someone with severe OA should have a different program to someone with mild.

With these books I feel I have made effective exercises for OA available to everyone. At under US$20 they are affordable to all and you can find out about them here.

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