Exercises for Knee Osteoarthritis

Exercises for knee osteoarthritis

Exercises for knee osteoarthritis help the inflamed muscles.

Researchers in Sydney have made a ‘discovery’ that I have known for years. They have found that the muscles around a joint with osteoarthritis are inflamed and therefore  suggest exercises for knee osteoarthritis would be a great treatment!

I don’t like to brag but I have always aimed my programmes of exercises towards the muscles and tendons around the joint. Common sense told me trying to exercise a joint that is worn would only irritate it but improving the scaffolding around the joint would help.

The study’s author’s explain why the muscles get inflamed and then why exercises for knee osteoarthritis will work:

Pazit Levinger and Itamar Levinger from Victoria explained muscle inflammation was a body’s natural reaction to injury or infection but lead to muscle wastage when prolonged, the ‘Arthritis and Rheumatism’ journal reports.

“With the better understanding of changes in muscle function coming out of this study we will be able to target exercise and drug therapy more effectively to keep this population active and increase their quality of life for longer,” Levinger said.

Rules for Exercises for Knee Osteoarthritis

Yes you should do exercises for knee osteoarthritis but there are certain ‘rules’ that you should follow.

The programme must contain each of the following types of exercises for knee osteoarthritis in order to be effective:

♦ Stretching- to increase flexibility and reduce the stiffness you suffer

♦  Isometric strengthening exercises- to increase the scaffolding effect around the joint protecting the joint

♦  Isotonic exercises- increases the stamina of the muscles, allowing you to do more with less pain.

It is also important that a physical therapy programme also contains a therapy that will reduce the muscle inflammation. TENS, ultrasound and massage have all been shown to help.

You must also have the correct schedule that contains the number of repetitions and how often you should do the exercises for knee osteoarthritis. This will be based on how severe your knee osteoarthritis symptoms are and how your osteoarthritis is affecting you. There is no direct correlation between the amount of degeneration you have and how much pain you have. This is, I have always believed, because the muscles give a large percentage of the pain.

For more information about exercises for knee osteoarthritis and why they help click here.

The fact that exercises for knee osteoarthritis will relieve the pain is no news to myself or my clients who do the Joint Control programme. This programme of self massage and exercises  for knee osteoarthritis is designed specifically for the muscles around the joint. By doing that my clients usually get between 50 and 100% pain relief.

Simply click on the link for your individually designed programme of exercises for knee osteoarthritis.

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