Exercises for Knee OA Reduces Replacement Surgery

Yet more research that proves exercises for knee OA are highly successful.

It was reported in Tri-Town News and you can read the full report by clicking on this link.


What are the Best Exercises for Knee OA?

Exercises for Knee OA

Exercises for knee OA should include stretching and strengthening exercises.

I believe the people running this study had the therapy spot on. They include manual therapy (probably massage although not stated), as well as stretching and strengthening exercises for knee OA.

The outcome speaks for itself:

“In patients with osteoarthritis of the knee, a combination of manual physical therapy and stretching, range-of-motion, and strengthening exercises may yield improvements in functional ability as well as in subjective measures of pain, stiffness, and function and may delay or prevent the need for surgical intervention.These improvements may persist well after the conclusion of clinical treatment.”

How To Get Manual Therapy and Exercises for Knee OA But Without Breaking the Bank.

This type of therapy can be expensive if you have to pay. However you can get a targeted program of manual therapy, stretching and strengthening exercises for exercises for knee OA here.


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