Exercises for Hip Osteoarthritis Delays the Need for Surgery

Exercises for hip osteoarthritis

Exercises for hip osteoarthritis can delay the need for surgery for around 2 years plus give a better outcome when you do have surgery.

A new piece of Scandinavian research has shown that exercises for hip osteoarthritis delays the need for replacement surgery by about 2 years.

Patients who had both an educational program and exercise had a 44% decrease in the need for hip replacement compared with those who attended the educational sessions and didn’t participate in the exercise program.

This research on the effect of exercises for hip osteoarthritis was published in the BMJ (British Medical Journal).

They concluded:

that participating in a 12-week exercise therapy programme in addition to patient education can reduce the need for THR or postpone surgery in patients with hip OA. This supports the recommendations stating that exercise therapy should be offered to patients with hip OA as first-line treatment.

I so agree with the researchers comments who say:

“Our finding, that exercise therapy enhances the survival of the native hip to [total hip replacement], is therefore important for healthcare consumption and for patients who may avoid surgery and its potential complications,” Svege and colleagues stated.

“We argue that for patients with tolerable pain who are able to maintain their desired activity level and who are relatively young, postponing surgery is appropriate and may reduce the future need for [total hip replacement] or repetitive [total hip replacement] revision surgery,” they concluded.

What so often happens is that our Doctors diagnose us with hip OA and send us straight to the surgeon. Funnily enough they decide to operate without trying a non invasive treatment first. Let’s be honest that is their job, they are surgeons! Perhaps referral by our Doctors to physical therapists first would be more appropriate and then, if and when that fails, then off to the surgeon.

As other research has already shown that exercises for hip osteoarthritis improve the recovery time and outcome of surgery it is really a no brainer. It really doesn’t matter how severe your hip OA is, there is little doubt a good exercise program helps.

The Problems of Exercises for Hip Osteoarthritis

Many people make 3 fundamental mistakes when embarking on an exercise program.

1. They think they can do the exercises for a few weeks and that will be that. Unfortunately you need to keep the exercises going into the long term (or at least until your surgery). When you stop it is surprising how quickly the muscles get week again and literally within a few weeks you will start to deteriorate again. However don’t panic you don’t need to spend hours exercising. A good 20 minute program 3 times a week will do the trick nicely.

2. They think they can just do one exercise or type of exercise. There are actually 3 types of exercise you need to do:

a) Stretching– these improve flexibility and reduce the stiffness you suffer. (Also great at getting you going in the morning!)

b) Isotonic strengthening– these strengthen the muscles without moving the joint so you reduce any chance of irritating the worn bits more.

c) Isotonic strengthening– these strengthen the muscles and move the joint. A little bit of movement is good as the cartilage does not have a blood supply and gets it’s nutrients from the fluid around it. Squashing it around by moving the joint helps to feed the cartilage.

3. People think they can do exercises off YouTube and that will be fine. It is NOT! Firstly you need all 3 types as I have just explained, plus you need to know how many of each exercise you should do and how often you should do them. Also an exercise program should start off gently and build up over a few weeks and then drop off to a maintenance level of 3 times per week. Everyone is different and you have to have these programs designed for you and how your hip OA affects you.

How to get a Program of Exercises for Hip Osteoarthritis

I have spent many years now designing exercises for hip osteoarthritis (along with the knee, ankle, foot & toes, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand, fingers & thumb!). I have honed my questionnaires to such an extent that I now have a simple 5 multiple choice one that will give the right program. This questionnaire is included in my series of books How to Treat Hip Osteoarthritis Naturally so you know you are doing not only the right type of exercises for someone with hip OA but also it is laid down in a sensible program that will last you for years to come.

Of course you will learn lots of other things as well, including some simple lifestyle changes you can make, some easy to use home remedies, plus how to massage your hip and your exercise program and questionnaire.

It really is the ultimate guide to managing hip osteoarthritis and at $19.99 I believe it is a bargain. You even have 7 days to make your mind up. If you don’t like it all you have to do is drop me a line and I will refund you your money immediately and you get to keep it!

So what have you got to lose except your hip OA pain? Even if you have to have replacement surgery down the track your outcome will have improved so this is a win/win situation and these are rare! Click here to start your program of exercises for hip osteoarthritis TODAY!

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