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Sorry I have not posted much this month but I have been putting together the final parts of my new exercise program for osteoarthritis. I will catch up with all the latest news in the next week or 2 and get them out to you in next month’s newsletter.

A home exercise program for osteoarthritis has been shown to be a very effective treatment.  Exercises improve flexibility, strength and stamina allowing you to do more with less pain. They should be the foundation of any plan of management for people with osteoarthritis.

What Is This New Exercise Program for Osteoarthritis ?

How to treat osteoarthritis naturally included 3 levels of exercise program for osteoarthritisI have had many enquiries over the years whether I can do a cheaper version of my Joint Control Exercise Program for Osteoarthritis. A Joint Control program takes a lot of my time so I wanted to try and find a way of putting together a program that will do the job properly but wasn’t so time consuming and so is cheaper. Well after many months experimenting I have finally done it!

I started by selecting the most common exercises I give people and then worked out a short multiple choice questionnaire that will give you the correct schedule of how many repetitions and how often you have to do these exercises. That was the difficult bit and a big thank you to all the folk on Joint Control who filled out 2 questionnaires so I could make sure these questionnaires gave the right level.

There are 3 levels of exercise program; for mild, moderate and severe osteoarthritis so there should be one suitable for everybody. For anybody waiting for surgery doing the severe level will be a tremendous help to you, improving both your recovery rate and outcome.

There are guides for the hip, knee, ankle, foot & ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand, finger & thumb.

To make sure you have all the information you need I have updated and added photos to my Kindle books and these make up part 1 of the book covering:

♦  What is Osteoarthritis?

♦  What are the Signs and Symptoms?

♦  Should You Rest or Work through the Pain?

♦  How to Use Hot and Cold Packs for Quick Pain Relief

♦  Should You Use Splints, Braces or Supports?

♦  How to Change Your Diet to Reduce Your Pain.

♦  Which are the Best Supplements for Osteoarthritis?

♦  Should You Ever Use Drugs?

♦  Why is Physical Therapy so Important?

♦  How to Make a Plan of Management

Part 2 is all about becoming your own physical therapist and learning to self massage and do the correct exercise program for osteoarthritis. It includes a explanation of how the program works, the severity questionnaire and a week by week guide of what to do and how often to do it. That way you know you are doing exactly the right amount of the right exercises.

I honestly believe this is a complete guide on How to Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally and so that is how it got it’s name!

I have decided I will sell this for US$19.99 which I believe to be a very fair price. This really should be within everyone’s budget and hardly reflects the amount of time I have spent doing it!

However I am going to do an even better and special price for everyone on my newsletter link and for those who have done my course Pain Management for Osteoarthritis but this is a limited offer so you better act soon!

On Thursday 5 September you will receive an email from me with a discount code. All you have to do is go to this link, put in your discount code and get your HALF PRICE copy.

Half Price Copy of How to Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally

This means you can get all the information you need to control your osteoarthritis pain for US$9.99. (My husband thinks I am mad for doing this after all the work I have put into it but I am going ahead with it anyway!)

But you will have to be quick as this will be for 4 days only and the price will be going up again on Sunday 8 September 2013.

So if you want to know exactly what lifestyle changes you should makes, what are the best treatments for osteoarthritis to learn to self massage your affected joint and to do a great exercise program for osteoarthritis you need to do is click on this link between 5 and 8 September and enter your discount code.

 Half Price Copy of How to Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally

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