Cream for Osteoarthritis – it’s new and it’s natural!

Massaging in cream for osteoarthritis has double benefits.

Massaging in cream for osteoarthritis has double benefits.

This is welcome news. Up to now there has been little good research into any natural cream for osteoarthritis only reported or anecdotal recommendations. Now an Indian company called Venus Remedies has launched what they describe as a “patent protected topical nano-emulsion has been developed by using the integrated natural medicine approach to relieve from all kind of arthritic pain.”

To you and me that is a cream for osteoarthritis made with natural ingredients!

Click on the link to read all about, Trois, this new natural cream for osteoarthritis.

What Will This Cream for Osteoarthritis Actually Do?

This cream for osteoarthritis is aimed at the inflammation that occurs in the muscles, tendons and ligaments around the affected joint. It will, therefore, relieve swelling and pain but it will not do anything to actually cure the degenerated cartilage.

In other words it will mask the pain in the same ways that non steroidal anti -inflammatory topical creams and gels do. Doing this with a cream for osteoarthritis made with all natural products is much better to me as it will almost certainly have fewer side effects.

As one who uses topical NSAIDs when the going gets really tough (I NEVER take them in pill form though!) this is good news. I have tried quite a few most natural creams for osteoarthritis and the only topical product I find any help is RealHeal Oil which I find really good when I have overdone it. I actually use it as a bath oil and have a soak in the bath with it and then get out and put an ice pack on. Not the recommended use but adding the oil to the bath does definitely seem to work!

A Big Added Benefit of Using a Cream for Osteoarthritis Rather Than a Pill.

Another big benefit for using a cream for osteoarthritis is that you have to massage it in several times a day. The massage itself is therapeutic and so you are doing two treatments in one!

At the moment Trois is only available in India but they report they are planning to launch it internationally. I for one will be trying it. I will let you know when properly researched, all natural cream for osteoarthritis becomes available.

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