Best Supplement for Osteoarthritis? I think so!

Devil's Claw- in my opinion this is the best supplement for osteoarthritis

Devil’s Claw- in my opinion this is the best supplement for osteoarthritis.

Over the years I have tried many different treatments for my OA. I have taken all tried of supplements. The best for me has always been Omega 3– probably as I don’t eat much in my diet so I always feel better when I supplement. However I have just tried something which I now consider to be the best supplement for osteoarthritis.

For the last 3 or 4 months I have been really struggling with both my neck and back. I had a fall off my horse onto a jump and then a few weeks later has a quad bike accident. These really jammed up my whole spine which has OA throughout it. I was seeing my osteopath regularly, doing my exercises, using ice and taking my own advice to the letter. However progress was slow and although better I was not in a good space. I couldn’t do more than walk on my horse and was he getting bored and frustrated so starting to misbehave which would set my back off again! Almost every night when I sat down for more than 20 minutes I would stiffen so badly it would make me cry out with pain when I got up.

Now those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will know I am not one for giving in. I am a firm believer in getting up and carrying on. But this was starting to get me beat and yes depressed about my OA for the first time since being diagnosed nearly 25 years ago.

Just before Christmas I was talking to a neighbour. He has a lot of trouble with his back after have it screwed back together after a hang gliding accident. Recently he had started taking Devil’s Claw in it pure form (not mixed with anything else which is how I had always taken it before). He had found it fantastic and as good as the anti-inflammatory drug he used to take on a regular basis (against my advice but he felt he could manage without it).

He gave me a box of 100 to try and I took 2 tablets. Rather to my amazement I felt better within 30 minutes! They had the same effect as anti-inflammatory drugs on me but without the indigestion (which is why I never took them).

Since starting them 2 weeks ago I have ridden regularly, including 2 hour treks with a couple of canters and small jumps (happy horse!), spring cleaned my house (upped my dose to 3 pills in the morning and evening dose) and helped pick up and stack 87 hay bales!

I can honestly say feel better than I have for ages!

About Devil’s Claw

This is what I say about Devil’s Claw in How to Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally.

Devils Claw is made from a southern African plant.

It appears to work as an anti-inflammatory along the same pathway as Cox-2 anti-inflammatory drugs such as Celebrex. Therefore Devil’s Claw should not be used by people who have or with a history of ulcers, gall stones, diabetics and if you are pregnant.

There is no effect on the cartilage but will work on the soft tissue inflammation.

And boy does it have an effect!

Where to Buy the Best Supplement for Osteoarthritis

I don’t often strongly recommend a treatment but this one I am. I believe it is by far the best supplement for osteoarthritis. If you want to try it I suggest you buy from iHerb which is the cheapest supplier I have found. I paid $77 delivered to New Zealand for approximately 6 months supply which works out about $12 per month.

If you buy through this link you will get $10 off if you spend more than $40 or $5 off if you spend less.

I would love to hear if you too think Devil’s Claw is the best supplement for osteoarthritis or if you have another you like. Please feel free to leave your comments below!

This is the link again for you to try Devil’s Claw:’s%20claw&rc=49&sr=null&ic=1?rcode=ntw472

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4 Responses to Best Supplement for Osteoarthritis? I think so!

  1. Mo Smith says:

    Hi Dr Sophie, I will certainly try the Devils Claw you have recommended, as I have great trust in your recommendations and follow your teach yourself book for OA of the right hip to the letter, having benefitted greatly from it. It’s not so scary now knowing what to do if one does overdo it sometimes. Many, many thanks to you. Mo.

  2. Joe Guerrero says:

    Hi Dr. Sophie
    Awesome to know Devil’s Claw is working for you! I have tried Yucca supplements and
    find it works very good. I’m more moble with less inflammation on my knee. What is nice, it’s not expensive! Also tried, purple defense 50mg of (Resveratrol ) and Cats Claw.
    I will try Devils Claw.
    I’m excited about Dr. Guy Scuderi new treatment for O.A. Will we be able to buy this new pill? Thank you for all you do Dr. Sophie

    • Dr. Sophie says:

      Thanks for the ideas for other supplements. Always useful to hear what works for other people. I think Dr Guys pill is probably a long way off unfortunately!

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