Osteoarthritis Surgery Options

osteoarthritis surgery options for osteoarthritis in the thumb

.We should consider our osteoarthritis surgery options before we agree to any procedure.

Andrea Kon is a freelance writer and author. The Daily Telegraph has written about her osteoarthritis at the base of her thumb.¬†There are various osteoarthritis surgery options¬†for this condition when it get’s severe but this is a fine example of how we should not blindly follow our surgeons advice.

You can read Andrea’s story here.


A sad tale it is too. It is a prime example of us believing that the consultants know the best osteoarthritis surgery options. All new types of surgery is tried and tested on people- someone has to be the first after all but think long and hard before you decide to act a guinea pig.

Always consider your osteoarthritis surgery options before jumping in and saying yes to the first suggestion. These are a few questions you should ask your surgeon before undergoing any treatment:

1. How often has this procedure been done?

2. What is the success rate?

3. How often has that consultant done this procedure?

4. What is the consultant’s success rate when doing this procedure?

5. What are your treatment options? As about both osteoarthritis surgery options and non surgical options but remember you are speaking to a surgeon so his line of work is to cut you open!

When you have the answer to these questions go away and do some research. Are there better osteoarthritis surgery options, are there better surgeons, is surgery the best option? Reading Andrea’s story I felt her Doctor’s very much went for invasive procedures: 3 injections, followed by surgery? What about some physical therapy, a splint, topical NSAIDs all of which are recommended now in the new osteoarthritis treatment guidelines.

Was Andrea given other osteoarthritis surgery options?

In my opinion when the consultant suggested the implant he should have warned that it was a new procedure and given her the osteoarthritis surgery options. Then she could have gone away and made an informed decision.

If you had been given the two osteoarthritis surgery options would you have gone for the new procedure or for the old tried and tested one? Would you have had surgery at all? If not what would you have done?

Was her consultant to blame or should she have researched her osteoarthritis surgery options more for herself? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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