New Hip Replacement Surgery Reduces Recovery Time

New hip replacement surgery

The head of the femur is replaced with a small metal or ceramic head that fits into a larger high- tech plastic head. The large plastic head then fits inside a smooth metal cup on the pelvis. This makes the joint very stable.

This new hip replacement surgery reduces recovery times therefore it must be good news for all those needing one done.

It is called the The Modular Dual Mobility or MDM for short and you can read all about it here. There is a easy to watch video that goes with the article at so click on the link to learn more.

Why Has It Taken So Long for This New Hip Replacement Surgery to be Available in the US?

I am really not sure. MDM were used when I was in practice 5 years ago in the UK. Normally the US are far ahead but not this time. Still I suppose the important thing is now it is available but it looks like it is not available in many centers yet. Pity I had several patients who had excellent results with the MDM.

Remember whatever type of new hip replacement surgery you have it is vital you do some pre op exercises to strengthen the surrounding muscles. You will get a much better result and reduce your rehab time (not matter what prostheses you have fitted.

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