Knee Replacement Surgery Options Just Improved

knee replacement surgery options

Surgeons often don't like doing knee replacements before 50.

If you are young with a degenerative knee your knee replacement surgery options just improved as surgeons in the UK have pioneered a new type of surgery that only replaces the degenerated bits of cartilage.

Knee osteoarthritis is sadly no longer a disease of old age and knees are needing to be replaced at ever increasingly young ages. This is a problem as the replacements last, in general 10 to 15 years (although about 10 to 12% break down within 5 years). Knee replacement surgery can be done a maximum of twice as otherwise there is not enough of the bone left to put the prosthesis in securely so often surgeons are unhappy about knee replacement surgery before the age of 50.

However if you get osteoarthritis young your knee replacement surgery options are limited so this new type of surgery reported in the Daily Mail will buy you valuable time.

You can read the full article about here:

This is a major break through for young people with knee osteoarthritis. The biggest benefit to me is that the natural anatomy of the knee is left much more in tact. Knees are a clever piece of anatomy that has been selectively developed over millions of years and the more you mess with nature the more you have problems.

Now don’t get me wrong if you have severe osteoarthritis then you have to consider knee replacement surgery options as living with the condition is not an option!

But having a replacement before this stage is not a good idea. If you have been newly diagnosed with mild or moderate osteoarthritis there is a lot you can do, not only to control the pain but also to slow the progress of the degeneration.

Alternatives to Knee Replacement Surgery Options

When your Doctor makes the diagnosis ask him how severe the degeneration is. If you have mild or moderate then exercises are always a better than any knee replacement surgery options to improve the scaffolding around the knee and to be a natural 24 hour splint.

Please never jump into knee replacement surgery options or any surgery options for that matter until you have explored all the other options.

You can explore your treatment options on this site. Check out the physical therapy section or treatment section in the tabs at the top of the page. Like us on Facebook and be kept up to date with all the latest treatments and therapies.

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4 Responses to Knee Replacement Surgery Options Just Improved

  1. Sudha vaswani says:

    I am suffering from rheumatoid arthritis since 20 years . I have undergone knee replacement of right knee . I want to avoid another such surgery for left knee . Can you suggest other option?

    • sophie says:

      Has your RA burnt out now or is it still active? Many who have RA tend to go on and suffer osteoarthritis as the joint has become deformed so it wears. May I suggest you sign up for my free 7 day course. It will outline a good management schedule for you. I suggest you especially take note of the supplements suggestion and try that. Many of the treatments for RA and OA are similar but take care not to overdo any exercises when you are in a fare up.
      To keep your knee in the best condition you need to do an targeted exercise program for your knee. That will improve the muscles around your knee, giving you a good scaffolding which protects it. Also self massage can help keep the ligaments and muscles healthier as it improves the blood supply.

  2. nimanofakir says:

    i am suffering from knee pain for the past 16 years and hare been carrying with pain killer., but recently went for check up and i was told that my knees are 95% damaged and need replsacement to avoid any problems at latter age. i am now 79 years young, retired for the past 30 years. no activity, no walk hardly. i am staying in mumbai in one of the suburbs Andheri west. I LOOKING FOR AN ABSOLUTE TREATMENT, TRYING TO AVOID ANY SURGICAL OPERATION, IF POSSIBLE.

    • sophie says:

      There is no such thing as an absolute treatment for knee OA. I admit I don’t understand your Doctor’s comment that you need surgery to avoid problems in the future unless he means there will be no knee left for them to operate on.

      However all is not lost. If you do lots of different things you can make a difference to how you FEEL. You will not be CURING your OA though. If you sign up for my free course these are outlined for you here.

      Alternatively jump straight in and risk $2.99 and buy my book on Natural Treatment for Osteoarthritis of the Knee. It will detail many effective home treatments to help you manage your condition.

      If you are fairly sedentary the soft tissue will be severely affected as your knees will be weak. You need a good scaffolding around the joint to support it and so you will need to do an individually designed exercise program targeted for your knee OA, how it affects you and your lifestyle.

      I hope that helps a bit. Please feel free to drop me a line if you have further questions.

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