Knee Joint Replacement Surgery : the pros and cons.

 Knee Joint Replacement Surgery. Image by User:DaveRave used with permission

Try other less invasive treatment before going for knee joint replacement surgery. (Image by User:DaveRave used with permission)

This common sense article on knee joint replacement surgery was published in Deseret News. It discusses the pros and cons and gives some great alternatives and natural remedies for osteoarthritis. I so agree that people go to see orthopaedic surgeons and too readily agree to have knee joint replacement surgery without really understanding the cons.

You can read the full article here:

Why the Number of Knee Joint Replacement Surgery Is So High

I do believe in today’s society we expect instant gratification and we expect everything to be perfect. That includes pain relief. As our Doctors find it hard to give complete pain relief for osteoarthritis we get referred through to the orthopaedic surgeons to stop us whining!

They are SURGEONS so what do you expect them to do except put you under the knife?Surgery is, after all, how they make their living!

So Should You Have Knee Joint Replacement Surgery?

There are, of course, many cases where knee joint replacement surgery is appropriate but not before you have tried non-invasive alternatives first.

For example:


Diet to reduce inflammation

Loosing weight

Targeted exercise programs are highly effective improving both pain and function.

The best thing is with doing exercises that even if they do not give you the pain relief you crave then studies have shown doing exercises PRIOR to knee joint replacement surgery will improve the outcome. Therefore you are in a win-win situation by doing exercises. A rare thing in life!

Before you do go under the knife for knee joint replacement surgery make sure you have tried all the non-invasive options first. Also please remember when you visit the surgeon he WILL recommend surgery as that is his weapon of choice!

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