Knee and Hip Replacements Linked to Heart Attacks

knee and hip replacements

For 3 to 6 weeks following hip replacement surgery your risk of having a heart attack increases by 26 times

A study has made a link between knee and hip replacements and people having heart attacks following the surgery. It is unclear what exactly is causing this but it appears to be in the 3 to 6 weeks immediately after hip replacement surgery and 2 weeks after knee replacement surgery. After that the risks return to normal.

You can read the full story here:

Should You Still Have Your Knee and Hip Replacements

Of course you should! Just make sure you have a proper cardiovascular work up especially  if you are older (I say 75+), overweight, have high blood pressure or, I would add, have a family history of heart attacks.

Yes there is risk, but there is risk with any surgery. If you have tried all the natural alternatives, done physical therapy and exercises, and they have not helped then knee and hip replacements are your only alternative. Unless of course you want to be a guinea pig for stem cell therapy….

What do you think? Would any type of surgery have given the same result or is it the actual knee and hip replacements that are the problem? Leave your thoughts below…….

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