Hip Joint Resurfacing Surgery : new research

Women especially should consider other forms of therapy before hip joint resurfacing surgery

Women especially should consider other forms of therapy before hip joint resurfacing surgery

This new study suggests you should think carefully about hip joint resurfacing surgery and maybe should consider hip joint replacement instead, especially if you are a woman.

The study was reported at News Medical who say hip joint resurfacing surgery is unsuitable for women.

They say the predicted rate of failure in men is:

 The 5-year revision rate for a 55-year-old man was predicted to be 4.1% for a 46 mm resurfacing head, compared with 2.6% for a 54 mm resurfacing head, and 1.9% for a 28 mm cemented metal-on-polyethylene stemmed THR.

While for women the predicted failure rate grew to:

For a 55-year-old women, the predicted 5-year rate for revision surgery was significantly higher after a 42 mm or 46 mm resurfacing head than for a 28 mm cemented metal-on-polyethylene stemmed total hip replacement, at 8.3%, 6.1%, and 1.5%, respectively.

What Does This Mean If You Are Considering Hip Joint Resurfacing Surgery 

When you are considering hip joint resurfacing surgery you should consider carefully the revision rates, not only of the type of implant but also of the surgeon who is performing the operation.

Some procedures have higher rates by one surgeon compared to another. I do know several women who have had good results from hip joint resurfacing surgery and I believe it is often the skill of the surgeon that makes the difference. Make sure you ask for the statistics for the ACTUAL surgeon for the ACTUAL procedure you are having. All hospitals should have that information.

I still believe surgery is done too quickly in many cases as people are referred to orthopaedic surgeons by their doctors when pain killers fail. All too few people are referred to a good physical therapist first to see if improving the scaffolding by stretching and strengthening the muscles, tendons and ligaments around the joint will improve the situation enough to at least postpone the hip joint resurfacing surgery or any other invasive procedure.

Before you sign up for hip joint resurfacing surgery or any other surgery I suggest you make sure you have explored ALL other avenues, not just the drug one. To find out what else may help with your osteoarthritis sign up for my free 3 day course, Pain Management for Osteoarthritis.

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