Living With Osteoarthritis – you need a better PMA Wil Anderson!

Living With Osteoarthritis

Wil Anderson living with osteoarthritis

Wil Anderson is living with osteoarthritis.

Wil Anderson is an Australian stand up comedian who is does TV and radio. He was born on 31st January 1974 which makes him 38. He announced on stage at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival that he had osteoarthritis and would need a double hip replacement within 5 years. Now we all know and understand that living with osteoarthritis is hard but that lack of positive attitude to his hip osteoarthritis will get him nowhere.

It was reported by Digital Spy

The 38-year-old Australian comedian, who is best known for his roles in television shows such as The Gruen Transfer and The Glass House, said that he was diagnosed with osteoarthritis last year during a compulsory medical check for TV employer The ABC.”

I actually say lucky him. His condition has been found now and he can do plenty to help himself. If he has surgery within 5 years he will be only 43. Hip replacement still has a reasonably high failure rate and many surgeons say that you should not have them before the age of 50 so he really ought to consider what he can do to slow the progression of his osteoarthritis.

When you are living with osteoarthritis you can take back control with a positive mental attitude.

He should consider doing physical therapy and a good exercise programme to keep his hips functioning as best he can. Research shows the better function you have going into surgery the better the outcome of the surgery and that physical exercises can help prevent disability in activities of daily living with osteoarthritis. Whenever he has the surgery he need to keep his soft tissue (muscles, tendon and ligaments).

Living with osteoarthritis is no joke though Wil Anderson couldn’t resist this quip:

Anderson said that he had suffered from horrific back pain for years and said of the diagnosis: “My first reaction was, ‘I can never go on The Amazing Race‘.”

Actually I disagree of course you can do the Amazing Race, just at a walk rather than a run! Living with osteoarthritis should NEVER stop you as

Living with osteoarthritis does not mean you can’t live your life- you simply have to modify the way you do things.

Do you agree that you should let your osteoarthritis take control of your life. Should you sit around and simply wait for major surgery- or in Wil’s case 2 major surgeries. Does a positive mental attitude (PMA) help you? Should you be proactive and try to stave off surgery as long as you can? Leave your comments below and tell us how you are living with osteoarthritis.

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8 Responses to Living With Osteoarthritis – you need a better PMA Wil Anderson!

  1. Leah says:

    You are coming across as negative to Wil rather than supportive.
    Who are you to say he doesn’t have a positive mental attitude?
    Humor is a huge part of coping with health issues – isn’t it? Perhaps you could benefit
    from listening to Wil lol

    • Dr. Sophie says:

      Nowhere in the article does it say he is doing physio or taking any steps to help himself. He seems to be sitting back and waiting for surgery. There is so much he could do that help him now and would even improve his surgical outcome. Yes humour will help the mental issues associated with OA but will still not stop the pain in your knees. You have to take control and take positive steps to help yourself. He has just accepted his fate!

      • Nikki says:

        Know him personally, do you? Treating him? If you are actually a doctor I am very glad not to be your patient, Dr Sophie. How irresponsible are you to be diagnosing a complete stranger. Utterly fricking irresponsible.

        • Dr. Sophie says:

          I never diagnosed him- I merely commented that his treatment plan could be improved on. Why are you so angry about this? Are you a relative or personal friend or something?

  2. annabel herlihy says:

    It is the most excruciating pain I have endured for 3 years and I’m ten years older than Will. People’s attitudes to other people’s plights amaze me today. Once upon a time long long ago in a galaxy far far away, there was a thing called empathy. I feel for him, whilst lying here in bed in agony. My whole life has changed. I cant even run anymore. Anyhoo Dr sophie, I’m glad I’m not visiting you wincing in pain, looking for the next best pain relief. I’d rather die. Oh sorry, that’s not very positive is it.

    • Dr. Sophie says:

      Why are you lying in bed- that is the worst place to be! You need to get up and get moving. Although this is painful to start with it will help reduce your pain. Exercise is the key, not sitting around waiting for a miracle pill or surgery. You need to take control of your condition so it does not control you.

  3. Kirsten Cowley says:

    Wow. Sanctimonious much??? I would lay odds that you have never felt the excruciating pain that hip osteoarthritis is. I had a hip replacement at 38 and have never looked back. It gave me my life back. to say that THR surgery has a high failure rate is complete bullshit, it’s one of the most successful operations in the world. I would say to Wil what are you waiting for, get it done. All the exercise programs in world will not help severe osteoarthritis, I should know, I’ve bloody tried them all.

    • Dr. Sophie says:

      Yup I have and that is why I started this blog. All I think is that people should do something positive and be proactive and no wait around for someone else to sort their problems. I have lived with OA for 30 years- I KNOW the pain!

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