How to Help Osteoarthritis

How to help osteoarthritis

Modifying your lifestyle can allow you to still do the things you enjoy.

This article in the New York Times blog on how to help osteoarthritis is a wonderful read.  The author, Jane Brody, discusses lots of ways of how to help osteoarthritis and why you should not be afraid or too proud to ask for that help.

I so agree with her philosophy of life. Allowing ourselves to become couch potatoes affects our health- mentally, physically and emotionally. You must not give in but find ways to work within the limitations of your conditions.

Read on to find out how to help osteoarthritis with few lifestyle changes and a couple of simple gadgets. 

This is excellent advice general given in Jane’s article:

“There’s a whole body to pay attention to,” Dr. Brandt said in an interview. “You shouldn’t neglect everything else that’s important to you and to your general health, including physical activity.”

Even with relatively advanced arthritis, it is important to maintain an exercise regimen, with modifications as needed to minimize overuse of damaged joints.

“You should exercise affected joints,” Dr. Brandt said. “Muscles around the joints can atrophy — use them or lose them — and result in even more pain and stiffness.” He suggested consulting a physical therapist or exercise physiologist to help design “an exercise program that permits loading joints appropriately.”

(That is why I designed my exercise programs!)

How To Help Osteoarthritis Using Aids and Gadgets

Jane then goes on to discuss in detail how you can modify household chores such as cooking and laundry . For those of us that need help for osteoarthritis there are all sorts of aids and gadget on the market and I have some useful ones listed here.

Personally with OA at the base of both thumbs I wouldn’t be without my Kuhn Rikon Jar Opener and it means I don’t have to find my husband or son every time I want to open something!

How to Get the Right Help for Osteoarthritis

I agree that too many people allow osteoarthritis to limit their enjoyment of life. We need to take back control and if necessary get help for osteoarthritis from various aids and other people.

If you want to learn more about lifestyle changes and home remedies that are proven to give help for osteoarthritis sign up for my free 3 day course.

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