Hip OA is No Longer an Old Person’s Problem

Hip OA from playing soccer

Amateur players often don’t get the physical therapy they should following an injury. This can lead to early OA.

I read more and more stories about people being affected by hip OA at a younger age. It’s so sad, especially as many of us are leaving it later in life to have kids so it has a real knock on affect for the whole family.

Take the case of Barrie Richardson, a keen amateur footballer (soccer player) all his life. At aged 33 he has been diagnosed with hip OA and told to quit playing soccer. With an 18 month old son this has had a big effect on his life.

Click on the link to read about how hip OA has affected Barrie’s life. which was published in the New Scotsman.

Why Is Hip OA Affecting Younger People?

I don’t now the exact answer to this as there is no research on it.

In Barrie’s I would guess any of the following may be a factor:

1. As an amateur he did not have access to the physiotherapists and health care professionals that he needed. An old injury or the repetitive nature of the sport may have caused this problem.

2. I have seen the so called warm ups and warm downs of some amateur football clubs and may be he didn’t know how to do these properly?

3. On the other hand maybe the club did and he simply has bad genetics and the amount of sport he played affected him more than it may have others.

Looking at his photo it certainly wasn’t caused by being overweight!

My Biggest Suspect is….

DIET! The amount of vitamins and minerals are dropping in our fruit and vegetables. So even if we do eat our 5 advised portions per day then we still might be getting all we need. Also so many eat convenience food and pre-packaged meals. Also I am with Jamie Oliver on the state of school dinners in the UK where Barrie is from although I believe they are slowly improving it they certainly were pretty poor 20 years ago when Barrie was at school.

Barrie has been advised by his surgeon to give up high impact sports. I agree with that but he should also learn how to use heat and cold correctly, take some supplements, change his diet to one that that is full if anti-inflammatory foods and do a targeted exercise program for his hip OA to stretch and strengthen the muscles around his joint, not simply change his sports to low impact ones.

Alternatively he could sign up here for my free 3 day course to learn about how to use all these things to manage his hip OA!

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