Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally

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How To Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally

Is your pain getting you down?        Relief might be easier than you think

Living with osteoarthritis affects every part of your life.

You have worked hard all your life and now you finally have some spare time and a bit of cash for that round of golf only to find you can’t play because of the pain.

Simple pleasures, such as working around your home or having the grandkids over, have become a chore.

And every time you try to push through and do these things anyway, you pay for it with 2 or 3 days of even more pain.

Would you like to get out of bed- just for one morning- without feeling so stiff ?

My name is Dr. Sophie Hardy. I am a retired UK chiropractor who used to treat International and Premiership football (soccer) players. I worked alongside top class physiotherapists, masseurs and fitness instructors giving me an enviable knowledge base.

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis aged 28. I understand what you are going through and, because of my training and experience I know how to help you.

There is no cure for osteoarthritis. But you can significantly reduce the pain with a few easy lifestyle changes and some simple, natural home treatments.

How to Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally

How to Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally are a series of eBooks written by Dr. Sophie. They are designed to be the ultimate guide on how to treat osteoarthritis naturally (without using drugs).

They include information on lifestyle changes, natural treatments, self massage and 3 levels of exercises for mild, moderate or severe osteoarthritis.

There are books for the following joints:

Hip          Knee          Ankle          Foot & Toes

   Shoulder          Elbow          Wrist          Hand, Finger & Thumb

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About How to Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally

Part 1 explains your condition and gives you simple lifestyle changes and home treatments you can try. It includes:

♦  What is Osteoarthritis?

♦  What are the Signs and Symptoms?How to treat osteoarthritis naturally

♦  Should You Rest or Work through the Pain?

♦  How to Use Hot and Cold Packs for Quick Pain Relief

♦  Should You Use Splints, Braces or Supports?

♦  How to Change Your Diet to Reduce Your Pain.

♦  Which are the Best Supplements for Osteoarthritis?

♦  Should You Ever Use Drugs?

♦  Why is Physical Therapy so Important?

♦  How to Make a Plan of Management

Part 2 teaches you to become your own physical therapist.

If you have done any reading or research on osteoarthritis you will know all types of Doctors and Therapists say you MUST to do an exercise program for OA. It is the only type of treatment STRONGLY recommended by the American College of Rheumatology for hip and knee degeneration and many studies have shown that a home based program of exercises for OA works really well.

Physical therapy for osteoarthritis is expensive has been shown to be the most effective treatment.

Physical therapy for osteoarthritis is expensive but it has been shown to be the most effective treatment.

When you visit a physical therapist they do hands on work such as TENS, ultrasound, interferential or hands on massage to reduce the inflammation around the joint. (Click here to learn why this works for osteoarthritis.)

Then they give you a program of exercises that starts gently, builds up over time.  and then reduces to maintenance level. (Click here to learn why exercises are THE most effective treatment)

As the therapist is not curing you it costs a great deal of money to keep up treatment in the medium and long term (especially as health insurance and public programs will only give you a short course of treatment).

You can learn to do all this for yourself- saving both the time it takes to visit the therapist and the money it costs you!

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How to Become Your Own Physical Therapist

You start by filling out a simple 5 question multiple choice questionnaire. This will tell you what level of program you should follow. There are 3 levels for mild, moderate or severe OA. After all it is common sense someone with mild OA will need something different from someone with severe.

It is important you do the correct program for the amount of degeneration you have and how your OA affects you.

Do too much and you risk your condition becoming more painful.

Do too little and you are wasting your time.

This book makes sure you do the correct number of each exercise for the amount of osteoarthritis you have.

Meet Brian who will demonstrate all the exercises for you.

Meet Brian who will demonstrate all the exercises.

Everything is explained in a step by step manner and fully illustrated with colour drawings and photos.

The exercises are demonstrated by Brain who is 77 year old so there will be no more wondering “How on earth am I going to get into THAT position!

He has no medical or physical therapy knowledge but worked out what to do from the words alone so with the photos as well you will have no problem.

How to Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally

You can learn to effectively massage your pain away.

Everybody starts by learning to massage their affected joint. You will be taught to use cross friction massage which is the type favoured by many therapists as it is a quick and efficient form of treatment massage.

After that different exercises are added each week. You will need no specialist equipment and how many you do of each exercise is clearly shown in the 3 level schedules for the week. Just follow the one suggested by your questionnaire results.

In week 2 stretching exercises are added to improve flexibility and reduce the stiffness you suffer.

In week 3 isometric strengthening exercises are added. These strengthen without moving the joint which will improve the scaffolding around the joint without irritating the worn joint.

In week 4 isotonic strengthening exercises are added. These start to improve your joint function, allowing you to do more with less pain. Week 4 is fairly intensive and will take you, on average, about 20 minutes per day.

After that your program will drop off so by week 7 you are doing the program 3 times a week to keep your osteoarthritis controlled in the long term.

How Much To Learn to Manage Your Osteoarthritis Pain?

I believe everyone has the right to effective treatment.

In order everyone can afford to get control of their pain and make a difference to their quality of life I charge only


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Plus I Guarantee My Work!

How to Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally GuaranteeYou have a full 7 days to read through the book and try some of the treatments. If you don’t think it is great value for money then drop me a line and I will give you a full refund within 72 hours of receiving your email- no questions asked!

Payment is made through PayPal so you know it is secure and safe.

When you have been through the checkout you will be sent an email and at the bottom, under a section called “Download Details” is a link and a code. Click on the link and copy and paste in your code. Your book will be available for download immediately.

The book is in pdf form so you will need Adobe reader which most devices have now. If you don’t have it you can safely download it here for free.

What Have You Got to Lose?

Let’s face it you have little to risk and a lot to gain. Just think in a few short weeks you could be playing with the grandkids, working around your home or playing that round of golf.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose which book you want from the drop down Follow the simple instructions to immediately download your book and start living your life again.

N. B. These books are designed to be a complete self help guide to treating osteoarthritis but if you get stuck on anything leave a comment below and I will answer any questions you have. Or you can contact me direct and I will endeavour to answer you ASAP. You will never be left unsure what to do.

I look forward to helping you get rid of your pain so you can start living a healthier, more joyful life.

Yours sincerely

Dr Sophie Hardy's signature

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That’s no way to live. Buy How to Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally today. It may help you live a normal, pain-free life again.

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12 Responses to Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally

  1. Vera Houpt says:

    is this book available on kindle??

    • Dr. Sophie says:

      Sorry not at the moment but only in the pdf form which you can download off this page. Please note payments are through PayPal so are very safe and you have good buyer cover as well. I am trying but the picture formatting is a nightmare and it will be no good without the exercise photos! Hopefully in the coming weeks I will get it sorted….

  2. Carolena says:

    Do you have anything available for neck/spine? I have OA in C1-C7.
    many thanks

  3. Doris says:

    Dear Dr. Sophie

    I am Doris from Malta. I am 58yrs. I have discovered that I have OA a year ago. I worked as nurse and I think my work was the cause of this condition. I had to stop
    working not to make more damage on the knee.
    Thanks alot for the information that you sent me as I confirmed myself that
    nature treatment can ease alot the pain. I take suppliments daily of glucosamine.
    Sometimes when the pain is sharp I apply gels to ease the pain.


    • Dr. Sophie says:

      Hi Doris,

      I am glad I could help a bit. Yes drugs have their uses but we can do plenty that is natural and not risk side effects. You can also try heat and cold for quick pain relief and try to do some physical therapy. It really is the foundation to managing the condition in the long term. You can read about that here.

  4. Tina says:

    Hi there, do you have a book specifically for hands and fingers.

  5. marietes says:

    hi i would like to buy the book but my problem is i don’t know where and how to send my payment.

  6. This sounds very interesting! I have suffered with Osteoarthritis for the past 7 years and in that time I have visited endless doctors and other health care experts. The problem is still no different, even after spending endless amounts of money.
    I would like to order your books because at the price you are asking I think it’s well worth trying. Thank you Dr. Sophie.

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